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Understanding the definition of transcendental meditation is not too much of a chore. But understanding what transcendental meditation is and how it should be performed takes much open-mindedness and learning.

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How To Learn About Transcendental Meditation

There are no “musts” in Transcendental Meditation, or in any type of meditation, for that matter. Teachers of this beloved art (as we love to call it) never try to force principles and techniques down your throat. You yourself must be willing to pour out what you have in your cup and be willing to have it freely filled again.

Transcendental Meditation is so broad and in some ways, abstract, that one would have to accept its premise that there is a realm above the physical, and that very few have journeyed along said realm while in this life.

Furthermore, TM (abbreviated) has nothing to do with the afterlife, for those who believe in life after death.

Why Practice Transcendental Meditation

So, transcendental meditation? As you hear that phrase, don’t be afraid of it. This isn’t wizardry or anything or the sort. Think of it this way: the physical dimension consists of everything our senses can make sense of (play of words here). It’s the shell of an egg, if you will, the egg representing you (bad analogy).

The spiritual dimension is where the “breath of life” is. To add, it’s what lets the egg live and breathe. In our reality, it is where our spirit (the life inside our fleshly outer covering) resides. Similarly, our emotions and way of thinking can be found here as well.

We practice transcendental meditation because everything starts within the spiritual realm. Our physical world is merely a reflection of our spiritual state. What happens in the mind and in the heart simply overflows outwardly, and this outward result is what we see with the naked eye.

If we will be able to bring our inner selves to a transcendental state, everything we will do outwardly will be a wonderful reflection of the first. Challenges and struggles will be easily overcome. We can rise above them and live happily in spite of them.

Add these books to your collection and be enlightened about the truths of Transcendental Meditation:

1. Science Of Being And Art Of Living

Re-released in 2016, delve into the mind of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi himself, learn about the different values of life and how they are connected to the most important— spiritual. He teaches that the things of this universe need to be transcended by human beings because that is the way to contentment and peace.

2. Strength In Stillness: The Power Of Transcendental Meditation

TM expert Bob Roth will be your teacher as you open your mind to Transcendental Meditation. Stress, which commonly the source of anxiety, self-doubt, and even diseases, can be conquered by consistently practicing TM and bring both your consciousness and subconscious to transcendence.

Trained under Maharishi Mahesh, Roth provides practical steps you can do to master the technique and in turn be free of the bondage of stress and negativity, and in turn tap into your inner power and strengthen it.

3. Transcendence: Healing And Transformation

Well-researched and with much scientific evidence (for the skeptics who have yet to experience the effects of Transcendental Meditation), Norman E. Rosenthal M.D.  and Mehmet C. Oz M.D. offer its readers proof that TM has practical benefits and will transform our way of life. Being a type of meditation, it’s a given that this practice will bring you to a lifted state of relaxation.

However, its transcendental scope will touch your spiritual self, the inner you, and through repetition of a mantra, allow you to be in a heightened state of awareness so that you will be able to subdue difficulties while being at peace with yourself and with the world.

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