Vipassana Meditation – 4 Major Advantages


Vipassana meditation is also called insight meditation. It involves practicing continued close attention to a certain sensation by way of which the practitioner ultimately sees existence in its true nature. Buddha advocated this meditation practice. The specific model of this practice might differ, but it serves as the basis of almost all the different traditions and cultures of Buddhist contemplation. It is a way of observing your breath, which will be there as long as you live. There are other advanced practices in the same category, but only experienced practitioners can get through them. One surprising fact about this form of meditation is that it also involves practicing strict silence for several days and even months. Woah man! Such strict practices are sure to bring in some great benefits, isn’t it? Let us have a look below:

4 Major Advantages Of Vipassana Meditation
4 Major Advantages Of Vipassana Meditation
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Gaining Mindfulness Through Vipassana Meditation

This meditation practice is nothing but mindfulness. People who practice it regularly gradually understand how to be aware and alert. Starting from the way they breathe to the way they have their daily food, the practitioners gain insight into being aware of events and things. Their alertness increases, which further helps them in different areas of life.

Vipassana Practitioners Become Non-Judgmental And Impartial

Beginners into this practice might find it a little challenging to close their eyes only to observe their breathing. It might seem downright impossible. This is because the human mind is filled with many thoughts. These thoughts do not have any connection with each other, but they rule the mind.

Nevertheless, Vipassana helps in being non-judgmental and impartial. It is all about these two qualities that practitioners can conquer very easily. Thus, they start seeing their thoughts as minuscule experiences. They do not name or judge their thoughts. Also, they do not work on re-experiencing their thoughts. The meditation helps them let go of unnecessary thoughts instead of trying hard to concentrate and control.

Improved Memory And Focus

People who practice Vipassana get the potential of bringing back their minds from wandering about aimlessly. Daily practice of this form of meditation helps in improved focus because the human mind is not distracted by unwanted and irrelevant thoughts. Additionally, through focus comes greater clarity that leads to the solution of all problems. People, especially children who get into the habit of practicing this meditation regularly have better memories in comparison to the ones who do not practice it. Hence, such students can score well in their examinations.

4 Major Advantages Of Vipassana Meditation
4 Major Advantages Of Vipassana Meditation

Greater Peace And Harmony

Individuals practicing Vipassana regularly tend to become more grateful and also compassionate. It is this nature that helps them in setting aside their human egos and becoming more humble. Thus, it can rightly be said that a world filled with Vipassana practitioners will be a world of great peace and harmony.

If you are in the lookout of a way of getting rid of all your feelings of envy and jealousness, then Vipassana is the right form of meditation for you.

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