Top Five Zen Meditation Books


We often hear the terms “zen mode” or “keep it zen.” But what exactly does “zen” mean, and do we really know what its implications are? Regardless, Zen is a state of relaxation where we remove ourselves from stress-inducing emotions by not worrying about things that cannot be controlled (the future, other people’s way of thinking, etc.). By this definition, Zen Meditation Books allow us to keep calm despite ongoing challenges that would normally cause us to worry and start to think negatively.

Top Five Zen Meditation Books
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What Zen Meditation Books Are Not?

It’s doesn’t bring you to a sense of “high” as most wrongly assume. Similarly, it is not a practice where you teach your spirit to leave your body so that you feel as though you are floating and therefore feel like you have no attachments to this world. This is called an out-of-body- experience or Astral Projection and it is very different from Zen Meditation.

Also, Zen Meditation is not merely about being calm. It is a form and practice that trains your mind and your body to be focused and highly aware of yourself and how you interact with the world around you.  

You will be able to let go of painful experiences you’ve gone through in the past and will be able to stop yourself from having worries and doubts about situations you have no absolute control over.

Check out our list of the top 5 recommended zen meditation books to assist you in understanding it better:

1. Zen: Zen For Beginners

Take a look at Daniel D’Apollonio’s beginner’s guide in Zen Meditation and be amazed at how uncomplicated the process is in practicing it day by day. For instance, if you have no idea where to begin, this is the right book for you. Find inner peace within yourself and yourself alone.

2. Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind

Let go of your thoughts and inhibitions. In addition, Empty your cup and have author Shunryu Suzuki guide you on the road to Zen Meditation. Likewise, you are encouraged to think the way a beginner does, curious, open-minded and willing to learn. Then and only then can the mindfully grasp the implications and benefits of Zen Meditation.

3. Zen: Beginner’s Guide

Peace, happiness and real focus can be found inside each one of us, it just takes the right harnessing to activate them and bring them out. Also, Ian Tuhovsky gives us insights into the different principles of Zen Meditation and how they apply to practical life situations. Conversely, Zen isn’t merely a concept but a reality we can achieve.

4. Zen: Zen For Beginners

Learn about the history and philosophy of Zen, and how they relate to you and the way you should be living your life. Not only does Susan Mori’s book tackle the benefits this kind of meditation has to the mind, but it will also open your understanding of its implications on your character and the way you make decisions. Happiness and inner peace are but an arm’s reach away if you look within yourself.

5. Zen: How To Live Your Life The Zen Way

Find an easy-to-follow guide regarding practical actions you can take to reach “Zen.” Also, Elias Axmar has written detailed and instructions on what you can do to practice Zen Meditation books from the comfort of your own home. Then, master the art of Zen Meditation through this wonderful book and watch as you wield it to change your life for the better.

What Zen Meditation does is elevate you to a positive outlook of yourself and of life, so that you are able to go through every day with a recharged and focused mindset.

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