A Mindfulness Books To Keep On Your Shelf


Mindfulness book is the new talk of the town nowadays. The concept is rising in immense popularity over the decades. The reason is many celebrities, experts, and authors have lauded mindfulness books for its immense benefits. Moreover, you will find many people around you swearing by the benefits of this concept.

Mindfulness Book To Read

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When you are new to mindfulness, you seek effective resources to gather more information about it. Well, what can be better than a book? There are many good books on the said subject, which focus on different aspects of mindfulness. Let us get to know about some really good books from which you can choose one mindfulness book to keep on your shelf.

A Mindfulness Book To Keep On your Shelf
A Mindfulness Book To Keep On Your Shelf

10% Happier’ Written By Dan Harris

This one book authored by Dan Harris gives beautiful examples of how meditation can make you happy. Dan has taken examples from his own life stating that meditation need not alter each and every aspect of your life. Meditation can be used to make you happy in your current state of life condition also. This is surely that one particular meditation book which you should keep on your bookshelf.

‘The Untethered Soul’ Written By Michael A. Singer

We all possess an inner voice that keeps on nagging us from time to time. It is a nonstop ramble which may have a great impact on your life decisions. However, the book helps you to have control over this inner voice. in fact, this is one book that can help you get on the path of self-exploration as well as mindfulness. The best lesson from this book is that your thoughts cannot define you.

‘Waking Up’ Written By Sam Harris

Well, this can be a little difficult read for people who new to mindfulness. However, it is still an awesome book to read. As per the author, people usually have a wrong perception of ‘self.’ This wrong perception keeps us stuck in the circle of discontentment as well as misdirected thinking. Moreover, if you still believe that you need the expertise of a leader, this is the book for you.

‘Wherever You Go, There You Are’ Written By Jon Kabat-Zinn

Though mindfulness is considered an ancient Buddhist concept, it still has relevance in the modern world. Moreover, the author tries to give a better idea of the concept. He explains different aspects of mindfulness. As per this mindfulness book, it is a practice of learning to let go, being nonjudgemental, and embracing the moment as it is.


If you are an avid reader, you would surely love to read a mindfulness book. This book is sure to make you familiar with different aspects of mindfulness. Thus, when you are selecting the mindfulness book, you can keep in mind the above-mentioned list. Reading opens the frames of your mind, especially when you are seeking to learn about a particular topic. Thus, you need to pay attention to a good book that can definitely assist you in this regard. Happy reading!

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