Amazing And Powerful Benefits Of Guided Meditation



Meditation is a process where participants use a particular technique such as mindfulness to focus on a particular object. You need to focus on a thought or activity to train awareness and attention to achieve a clear, calm and stable state of mind. There are many types of meditation, one of which is the Guided Meditation. Guided Meditation is a process by which people meditate with the help of the guidance provided by a trained practitioner either in person (i.e. a yoga instructor, a religious guide etcetera). It can also be through audio-visual media usually comprising of music or verbal instruction or a combination of both.

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The guide, in this case, will be basically instructing the person to relax specific muscles in the body until the person feels comfortable. It will lead them through mental images and visualizations most often of healing light or dissipation of past wrongs. Guided Meditation can be too short maybe for a few minutes or maybe as long as several hours.

Amazing And Powerful Benefits Of Guided Meditation

Important Benefits Of Guided Meditation

 Guided Meditation has several benefits and hence is an excellent starting point for beginners. Some of the most important benefits are:

  • Guided Meditation will have an effect on our overall cognitive abilities, which will help us in focusing and concentrating more and develop skills quicker and will also increase our memory power.
  • It will help us improve our visualization skills which will further help to improve right-brain thinking.
  • It helps to improve physical health by slowing down our heart rate.
  • This meditation strengthens the connection between the right and the left hemispheres of our brain.
  • It also helps to clear our mind of cluttering thoughts that clog the mind and in turn helps us to think clearer.
  • It helps to increase mental well-being by reducing the amount of depression and anxiety and also helps to lower blood pressure and reduce stress.
  • And lastly, it helps us to relax at a very deep level and deepens the connection to our subconscious mind.

Guided Meditation appeals to the same need as that of Transcendental Meditation i.e. the need for an instructor. Transcendental Meditation was introduced in the twentieth century in India and the West. This Meditation is not taught free as that of Guided Mediation and involves a huge cost. In this type of meditation, it is known that mantras are involved, and these mantras are usually given to the practitioner based on his gender and age.

Amazing And Powerful Benefits Of Guided Meditation

Concluding Remarks About Guided Meditation

In today’s busy world meditation is important in one’s life. Meditation is one way to get immediate benefits. It will help you to be happy and relief you of anxiety and stress. However, it is very important to understand and know which among all the types of meditation is good for one’s body and is needed. Hence, Guided Meditation is a type of meditation which suits every body type. It is easy to start with the beginner’s lesson. It is cost-free too.

Amazing And Powerful Benefits Of Guided Meditation

Amazing And Powerful Benefits Of Guided Meditation
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