Science-based Benefits of Meditation You Never Knew

Our minds are sometimes the toughest places to be. Every day people search for various ways to alter their consciousness and even quiet their thoughts. Some turn to harmful means like drugs and alcohol; others choose simple but mildly effective means like sleeping, listening to music, taking a walk, and so on. Then there are […]

Types of Meditation – A Detailed Guide

Self-care is often perceived as being selfish. But the truth is, there is nothing selfish about wanting to take care of yourself. In this fast-paced world where everyone lives by one busy schedule or another, you need to pause for at least a few minutes and check on yourself. Invest in your physical, mental, and […]

Does Meditation Boost Happiness and Positivity

Can one truly use meditation for happiness and positivity? Fortunately, it’s YES. Yes, meditation can help to improve your sense of positivity. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to mouth a genuine smile these days. It’s almost like everything is exhausting for you, from work to kids to chores; there’s barely the excitement for much. […]

Treat Blood Pressure Naturally with Meditation

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally with Meditation More people are opening up to adopting non-medical methods for treating or controlling life-threatening conditions. They also hope these methods can answer questions on how to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly. One of those methods is meditation. Worldwide estimate reveals that hypertension which is a significant risk factor […]