Buddhist Meditation Techniques That You Need To Know


Buddhism is a religion that believes in helping people understanding themselves and also the world in a transforming and profound way. If people succeed in this endeavor, they are Buddha or awakened. One major tool that this religious practice employs for helping people gain success in life is meditation. Buddhist meditation already finds its existence in the Hindu religion while Buddha used it as a medium towards attaining enlightenment. Over the years, many Buddhist meditation techniques have evolved in this field. So, we will have a look at them.

Calm Abiding Or Samatha Meditation

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The method generally involves watching one’s breathe as the main object of meditation. It is a technique that has been specifically designed for calming the mind and helping it focus on developing the power of concentration. It also involves counting one’s breathe for increasing concentration and reducing the general distractibility of the mind. Practitioners of this technique can make use of external objects. They can choose Buddha statues for placing all their mental and visual attention. It works to choose just one part of the statue to reflect on instead of focusing on the entire object. Followers can also use Buddha images or have their teachers inspiring devotion and faith. This is a type of meditation that will bring a lot of happiness, clarity, and peace to life.

Buddhist Meditation Techniques That You Need To Know
Buddhist Meditation Techniques That You Need To Know

Loving Kindness Meditation Or Metta

This is yet another popular form of Buddhist meditation. You will find several sub-techniques within this form. Here practitioners can start by directing desires of love, kindness, and well-being towards themselves. This type of meditation is completely based on feelings of love. Some mantras and slogans inspire the practice. Once an individual completes a period of fully active Metta practice, he or she sits in quite an awareness for some time.

Vipassana Meditation

It is a popular Buddhist meditation. It involves paying proper attention to the passing and also arising from different sensations in various parts of the human body. The Theravada Buddhist monasteries consider it to be the pinnacle of all meditation practices. It is an essential way of developing insights into one’s true self or nature. Also, this kind of meditation has the full potentials of taking a sort of analytical approach.

Contemplative Meditation

In this kind of meditation, the practitioners are motivated to reflect on Buddhist teachings and also fundamental beliefs in a thoughtful and focused manner. There are different practice sessions for integrating such contemplations. The popular one is “The Four Thoughts that Transform the Mind.” The main purpose of this contemplation is giving them good reasons to practice instead of wasting their time in shopping malls and on social networking.

Meditation On Transience

It is a type of Buddhist meditation. This closely connects the short life of human beings with the importance of practicing meditation. It also helps individuals in breaking down the labels that they have given to their lives. It helps them in developing sympathy for all.

There you are! This handy and quick guide brings you face-to-face with some popular meditation techniques practiced in Buddhism. They can help you depending on your situation.

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