Science-based Benefits of Meditation You Never Knew

Our minds are sometimes the toughest places to be. Every day people search for various ways to alter their consciousness and even quiet their thoughts. Some turn to harmful means like drugs and alcohol; others choose simple but mildly effective means like sleeping, listening to music, taking a walk, and so on. Then there are […]

How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety With Meditation

We get burdened daily with so many life activities. There is work or school, or both, personal upkeep, and family-related activities. After all these, we still try to make out time for leisure and relaxation, which can prove difficult in a fast-paced world. Hence, anxiety and stress become part of the daily experience for most […]

How to Benefit Mental and Emotional Health With Meditation

Susan is a stockbroker who is celebrated and admired for her drive and consistent work ethic. She is a self-motivated woman dedicated to her career. Being not just a woman, but a successful one in a profession dominated by males takes great willpower, and Susan continually shows that she has this willpower. Beneath her interaction […]

How to Improve Creativity Easily With Meditation

Ever noticed how creative children tend to be? The truth is, we are all born creative, but not all retain this creative ability. The reason being that after years of subjugation to a system (educational); we are compelled to follow a particular pattern, bound by various laws and standards limiting our innermost potential and imaginative […]

How to Improve Sleep Quality with Meditation

Are you having restless nights for a long time now? Do you suffer from bouts of insomnia and find it extremely difficult to get sleep? You might even get sleep, but you wake up every morning looking like you didn’t get enough rest. Statistically, about 30 to 50% of adults globally, belong to this group. That’s […]

Use Meditation to Improve Acts of Kindness

It might or might not surprise you to know that showing kindness is steadily going out of fashion in today’s world. More and more, we see and hear cases where people find it extremely difficult to be kind to others, even in their time of need or pain. Chances are you have experienced the scenario where someone […]

How Meditation Can Improve Self-awareness

You may wonder how possible it is to improve self-awareness by practicing meditation. Thankfully, in a few sentences, you will receive an in-depth review as to how this is possible. So, get that incense ready, get in a comfortable position, close your eyes, breathe deeply and… Just kidding.  To truly understand the mystery behind meditation […]

Can Meditation Improve Short Attention Span?

Our brains are pretty amazing. So far, it has been responsible for all of our accomplishments, from getting us college degrees to finding cures for deadly diseases. However, there is often the case of disturbed concentration. Everyone experiences this; one minute you’re writing an essay, and before you know it, you’re watching a funny cat […]

Does Meditation Boost Happiness and Positivity

Can one truly use meditation for happiness and positivity? Fortunately, it’s YES. Yes, meditation can help to improve your sense of positivity. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to mouth a genuine smile these days. It’s almost like everything is exhausting for you, from work to kids to chores; there’s barely the excitement for much. […]

Improve Focus and Memory Through Meditation

So many things demand our attention. Every day, we struggle, trying to handle work, school, and family. To focus on just one thing becomes almost impossible. Sometimes it’s not even us, it’s our kids, especially the teenagers. Attention deficiency in children has become such a problem that focus games for kids are being made almost every year. […]