Meditation for Better Decision Making Skills

decision making skills

Would you say your decision making skills are at the top of their game? Would you consider yourself a rational person?

These questions are not meant to threaten your self-confidence in decision making or plunge you into an episode of brainstorming the answers. They are to help you gain clarity and prepare your mind for what we are about to discuss.
The truth is, many people consider themselves rational. They believe they make proper decisions most of the time. Then there’s the few who are bold enough to admit they are a mess when it comes to deciding. You, my friend, can belong to either of these groups, and there’s no crime in that.

decision making ability

Decision Making is Difficult

Making decisions is much harder than we often believe. It doesn’t matter if it’s about deciding what ice cream you like, choosing a vacation overwork, deciding on the best business strategy, or even choosing between a breakup from a toxic or unhappy relationship. It simply doesn’t matter! Decisions can be tricky, no matter how simple or complicated they seem.

But – and this is a big BUT- what if you can discover how to make decisions easier? Would it be so terrible then anytime you come face to face with a challenge? Certainly not! So, in this case, it’s time to give meditation a try.
Without proper decision-making skills, your judgment may often be clouded irrelevant concerns that aggravate what is known as ‘the sunk cost bias.’ A typical example that describes the sunk cost bias is holding on to a pair of shoes that make your feet ache when you wear them simply because you purchased them at a high price. Giving up the shoes don’t seem ‘rational’ because you keep thinking you need to get your money’s worth. In truth, a better decision will be to let the shoes go sooner than later.

Scientists have long dug into the relationship between better decision making and meditation. They have concluded that meditation is a reliable way to improve your decision-making ability. In a research published in the Journal of the Association for Psychological Science, it is stated that one 15-minute focused-breathing meditation may help people make smarter choices.

The science behind how to make decisions easier with meditation.

Work with a calm mind

Just like it’s impossible to see a clear reflection in troubled waters, it’s also difficult to arrive at a decision with jumbled thoughts. Meditation helps to calm the mind and clear your thoughts. It allows your calm mind to get a clear picture of all the parameters that matter with a decision, thus equipping you to choose right.

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Develops a strong mind

A sharp mind is like a superpower. With it, you can maintain good energy and enthusiasm, which results in improved clarity and being able always to use a proper approach. With a healthy mind, you can handle increased workloads, manage pressure, and be ready to make sound decisions at any given time. By offering you this gift, meditation restores, or establishes your self-confidence in decision making.

Drops the Baggage

We have all been there several times – you are trying to make a decision, but feelings of fear, anxiety, regret, worry, guilt, and more all come on the table. Meditation helps you get rid of any emotional or mental baggage that seeks to take part in your decision-making process. Meditation enables you to make decisions with an unbiased mind. It also helps you consider someone else’s opinion.

Mindfulness meditation is at the center of using mediation to boost your decision making skills. Mindfulness meditation helps you open your mind to the most rational and clear way of thinking. It enables you to focus on the present, turn up your self-awareness, and let go of the past. Focused-breathing meditation and other techniques that aid clarity of the mind also influence your decision making skills for the best.

To put meditation to work, find a quiet place where you can be unbothered. Sit in a comfortable position and focus on your breathing. Imagine the bias and baggage fall off your mind with every exhale and clarity coming in with every inhale. You can light a candle, play a calming song, or even use sounds like binaural beats to aid your session. If you have an immediate decision-making issue, ponder on it with clarity. A few minutes of meditation each day will give you the results you need.

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