Healing Trauma: Letting Go of Shame


Trauma is the condition of mind when you can not stop thinking of a particularly negative incident that happened to you in the past or recently. Oprah is one of the people who suffered from trauma, but she managed to come out of this situation. She was sexually abused, and she did not go on having children. Oprah utilized her tremendous energy to entertain, educate, stimulate, and motivate all the people. She suggested that people should turn their wounds into a tool that leads them to a beautiful life. However, you are not only the person who suffers from sexual abuse and trauma. Trauma may differ from person to person because everyone has a different society, culture, and education. So, trauma treatment would be different for all. Move on by letting go of shame.

Healing Trauma: Letting Go of Shame
Healing Trauma: Letting Go of Shame
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Trauma: Basics, Letting Go Of Shame

Sometimes, people are not aware that they are in shock. Trauma is the less ability of proper reaction to any harsh situation, especially emotions. When an individual can not cope up with the circumstances and feels helpless. Many cases, including men and women, you can find all around. Trauma comes from stress, sexual harassment, physical harassment addiction, self-loathing dishonesty, and sometimes old memories. Trauma is the negative thoughts explosion in mind. A person can not release or express. Negative thoughts turn into self-criticism and anxiety. Most women feel vulvar pain, and men face difficulties in ejaculation or erection. Trauma also negatively impacts the relationship and sex life. 

Letting Go Of Shame: Highly Personalized

Two people will never act in difficult situations in the same way. Let’s discuss a trauma case of Ava, a trauma patient. She got genital herpes through her boyfriend. However, you may have seen or met many men and women who have herpes. Having herpes is a widespread condition. Some people can confess and accept that they had an unfortunate past, but Ava was not one of them. She was depressed with her diagnosis, and she regrets to have a lovely relationship with her loved one for 20 years. Ava was not able to neglect her past. However, she got married later on, but she recommended her husband to make love with safety (condom). Moreover, she allowed him to make a hole in condom only at the time when they wanted to have a baby.

Healing Trauma: Letting Go of Shame
Healing Trauma: Letting Go of Shame

Science Behind Trauma:

Trauma may reside in the amygdala. Amygdala is positioned in the limbic system. It is the part in which the emotions are stored. Neuroscientists do many studies of the amygdala to treat trauma.  Hazel Williams-Carter, healer, a traumatologist, and founder at healingtraumacenter.com, has explained that the amygdala is the house of memory, emotions, and implicit. Part experience affects the individual’s feelings even when the individual is not thinking about the past. Let’s understand this concept with an example. Angela hated the touch of her breast because once in the past; her father had done so. She felt ashamed, and her experience affects her relationship. Whenever her husband seems to touch her breast, she wants to move on and support her husband, but memories in her mind stop her each time. 

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