Hong Sau Technique of Meditation


The Hong Sau technique of meditation is a unique form of meditation. The practitioner need not sit for a long time to meditate. The practitioners can start from the beginner’s level and go to the advanced level. One can practice the Hong-Sau technique of meditation every day. It is a great way to meditate and bring peace to the mind and soul.

Hong-Sau Technique of Meditation
Hong-Sau Technique of Meditation
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Hong Sau Technique: Starting With The Process

For practicing the hong-sau technique of meditation, one must make himself comfortable. He must sit in an upright position, with a straight spine. With his closed eyes, he must look at the point midway between the eyebrows.

For starting the process, inhale slowly, counting to eight, hold the breath and now exhale slowly. He must repeat the same process for three to six times.

Hong Sau Technique: How To Practice?

After inhaling mentally say Hong, as you exhale, mentally say Sau. Hong-Sau means, “I am Spirit.” One must breathe naturally and be as attentive as possible. Later he must feel his chest expanding and contracting.

Some Tips To Help Your Meditation

One should not make any effort to control the breath and allow it to flow it naturally. After practicing for some time, the practitioner may notice that the pauses between the inhalation and exhalation are longer. The practitioner must enjoy these pauses. As he grows very calm, he may see that the breath is becoming so shallow that it hardly seems necessary to breathe at all.

How To End Your Practice

To end the practice of the technique, the practitioner must take a deep breath and exhale three times. At this point in releasing the meditation, he must try to feel peace, love, and joy internally. After completing the process, it is advisable to sit for some time in the same position and feel the changes in mind, soul, and also the body.

Hong Sau Technique: Where To Meditate

For meditating, one must select an isolated area of the house. The area might be small but adequately ventilated. One must not fill the space for meditation with lots of furniture or things. For practicing meditation, one only needs a chair or a cushion to sit. This aloof place will give the best meditating experience.

Posture For Meditation

Two things, however, are essential for practicing meditation to the fullest. One is to keep your spine straight and sit in the position to relax completely.

Hong-Sau Technique of Meditation
Hong-Sau Technique of Meditation

Eye Position

While practicing one must focus his attention at the point between the eyebrows. This area is also called “the spiritual eye,” as it is a center of high spiritual energy. The eyes should be closed, and there must be no eye movement. This eye position helps in meditating comfortably and efficiently.


Meditating for some time every day can do wonders on the body. A person can feel his inner self improving and changing gradually. The changes will not happen initially and quickly but require good practice. Meditation is good for the mind and body. It improves memory and concentration. It makes a person kind and humble and connects him to the divine power.

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