How To Have A Zen Centered Space


Zen Meditation And Zen

Zen Meditation is about being able to still our often busy and chaotic minds so that we are brought to “Zen” or a state of peace and stillness. On the other hand, Zen isn’t limited only to meditation, yoga, and Buddhism. It is something that can be emulated even in our controlled surroundings.

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Controlled surroundings? Yes. Nature is an uncontrolled environment. It lives and breathes on its own. Conversely, a controlled surrounding is something that you can, well, not trying to sound redundant, control. Some examples include your home from your bedroom, living area, kitchen, you name it. Another example is your place of work such as your office, cubicle, etc.

Why Zen Up Your Space

Because you won’t lose anything if you do. Okay, this isn’t necessarily a valid reason but hear us out. Try to be open-minded and test the effect of Zen in your space. Zen can bring about stillness in your own mind so that you are able to respond to stress in a positive manner, without you letting go of your self-awareness and confidence.

However, having Zen purposely in your surroundings will be a great help in assisting you to continue living a life of peace and positivity. In addition to this, by seeing the objects and signs of Zen around you, you will be constantly reminded to proactively seek peace within yourself and not be controlled by stress and worry.

How To Zen Up Your Space

Don’t worry. This doesn’t involve major renovations of your place. It’s only a matter of arranging, rearranging and adding certain elements to it.

1. Let The Light In

Sunlight is an effective tool in making any room Zen. The natural light not only will feed your mind to naturally feel energized, but that same energy will also bounce off your walls and furniture. Also, sunlight has a way of brightening the atmosphere, and we don’t only mean a literal brightness. There is a kind positive vibe that sun rays contain and they are contagious.

So turn off the fluorescents during the day, open those curtains wide and let the light in.

2. Carpet It Up

This idea might be something new to you, especially if you have always been used to having a hard floor to step on. Put carpets around your house and or a small matt at the base of your office desk. Having that feeling of softness under your feet actually sends soothing signals to your brain that will, in turn, bring about a sense of comfort to you. You don’t have to splurge on this. To add, you don’t have to put a carpet in every single part of your house. Simply choose the rooms you spend the most time in and carpet those up.

3. Simple Is Always Better

Try and put up only a few decorations around your space. There’s nothing wrong if those décors are your way of expressing yourself and your creativity. However, don’t go overboard. Having fewer decorations means fewer distractions. And fewer distractions means more room for peace and quiet of mind. H

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