How To Practice Meditation (even) While In Bed


Our Bedroom For Mediation

The four walls of our bedroom are not only refuged from the busy and fast-paced world we live in. It is a place where we can regenerate not only through sleep but also, through meditation.

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Good and proper sleep has always been key to recharging our minds and our bodies. Likewise, it’s very literally the way our bodily systems flush out toxins to refresh us from within. Similarly, it allows some rest for our brain so that it can be ready for all the challenges you will be facing come the next day.

We mention this as some sort of disclaimer. Meditation should never be a substitute for sleep, or should not be taken as a plus-minus where you’ll try to meditate more instead of having quality shut-eye.

Sleep is an important process and has functions that are life-changing in the long run, even if we may not be aware of it.

Our Bed For Meditation

Now, we are not suggesting that this replace your actual “meditation spot”. The bed can only be used for meditation if you are honest-to-god not at all sleepy. Because if you are, you might just end up catching z’s instead of being able to meditate.

You can do this once you’ve woken up or right before you sleep. Furthermore, even after doing so, you can still continue with your usual meditation schedule within the day. By the way, here’s a link to you might want to hit to learn about Sleep Meditation:

How To Practice Meditation (even) While In Bed

Lie flat on the bed. Make sure that your neck has support (a small hotdog pillow or something similar). In addition, evaluate the way you are lying down and ascertain that there are no areas of discomfort. You wouldn’t want any discomfort to later loom around once you’re in the middle of your meditative practice.

Mind your body. Put your arms on the sides of your body. Your shoulders need to be relaxed. The same goes for your lower back and knees. These are pressure areas we usually tend to fixate on unconsciously because they are points of balance, but being that you are lying down, there’s no need for this.

Take a deep breath, and let it out. Do this 5 times. For each time you inhale, hold that for about five seconds before letting it go. Also, breathe only through your nostrils. Make sure that when you breathe in, your stomach rises. Fill that to capacity before holding. Consequently, when you breathe out, let your stomach fall back into its original place. Slowly, people. Slowly.

Empty your thoughts. Negative and positive. We want to train you to empty your mind of negativity and at first, it will involve emptying it even of the positive ones. Once you’ve mastered it, then you can allow your brain to leave only the positive in there. However, the first step is always to empty it completely.

Let only the sound of your breathing, the rise and fall of your tummy, the way you are lying down on the bed, the feel of your bedroom… let these be the only factors you key in. Feel that rush of overwhelming calm and peace as you notice your anxiety and stress leave your body.

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