Increase Your Concentration: 10 Techniques


Whether you are a student or office goer or stay-at-home mom, concentration is essential for all. If you lack attentiveness, you neither can study nor work adequately. If you think that you are losing attention, do not worry! Many ways will help to increase your concentration.

Increase Your Concentration: 10 Techniques
Increase Your Concentration: 10 Techniques
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Increase Your Concentration – 10 Ways

What Is Concentration?

First, you need to understand what it is. Rather than thinking of many things, you need to pay attention to one thing. Keep the negative thought at bay and concentrate on a particular item.

Concentrate On what?

Once you understood it, you need to find the object on which you will concentrate. It can be any incident, your study, or your work.

Notice Concentration Of Others

When people watch a movie, they become glued to it. You have to work to distract them. Their whole mind and heart are in the film. They breathe solely, rarely blink their eyes and sit like still. If you notice these things, you will know how to enhance your attention power.

Increase Your Concentration By Staying Away From Disturbance

Visual spur, loud noises as well as doing many tasks at a time can make you less attentive. If you are used to these things, then providing apt attention will be difficult for you.

Give attention To The Work That You Are Doing

Start learning to block out any distractions around you. Give your full attention to your work. If necessary, go to a quiet place and work or study.

Meditate Every Day To Increase Your Concentration

No method is as effective as meditation for enhancing concentration. Thus, you should learn some basic techniques of meditation. Do not forget to perform meditation every day, at least for five minutes. You can see the difference after a few days.

Increase Your Concentration: 10 Techniques
Increase Your Concentration: 10 Techniques

Watching Your Breath During Meditation

While you are meditating, you should notice your breath. Do not try to control it, though. This is because it makes you give attention to one particular thing at a time. Moreover, when you notice your breath, it becomes slower. It, in turn, makes your mind slower. Thus, you reach a composed state of mind.

Enhancing And Controlling Energy

You need to improve as well as control your energy. You can do this by practicing the Energization exercise as shown by Paramhansa Yogananda. According to him, this is the primary step of having a deeper concentration.

Taking Breaks In Between Work

Though some of you might be surprised to read this, it is indeed effective. When you are studying or doing any work for a long time, take a break. You can take a walk for a few minutes or go to your garden and see nature. It will refresh you, and you can complete the work with new energy.

Staying Calm To Increase Your Concentration

Whatever may be the situation, you need to stay calm. According to the experts, deep attention comes from cosmic energy or the life force. It is better to have more of such energy as scattered energy is of no use. Thus, you need to learn to have focused energy.

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