Samadhi Introduction That You Need To Know


What Is Samadhi?

In Sanskrit, it’s broken down in this manner: “sam” means “together” or “near” and “dha” means “to put”. As one, this word translates into what we call a state of complete concentration.

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You might be thinking, “I know how to concentrate. I do it every day in the office. Otherwise, how would I manage to work the way I do.” Yes, we acknowledge that. We, at one point, practice a certain kind of concentration on a certain kind of level. Consequently, this is what makes us capable of accomplishing tasks at hand, or multitask, even.

Samadhi Introduction That You Need To Know

What Samadhi Is (in simpler words)

However, what Samadhi teaches us to do is to get to that higher level of intense focus while letting go of our “outward” consciousness. Intense. Yup, this word is used. Likewise, it is an intense focus that leads to understanding and having a state of oneness with yourself and with the universe.

Considered as the final stage in meditation and even in life spiritual, it is the calmest state a mind can reach, the most peaceful, and the most focused.

Can you just imagine that? Incredible. If we can master this technique, what a much better world we would probably have.

Can Anyone Achieve Samadhi?

The Answer? Yes. But it will take some time, this phrase being an understatement. It is a journey more than a Step1, Step2, Step3. And let us tell you right now, the journey isn’t one that is easy. We’re not trying to discourage you. We just want to set your expectations right. Samadhi requires a systematic approach. It is also very holistic in that you must teach yourself to live a balanced life in health, in diet, in exercise, in regular meditation and practice of yoga. But not impossible to achieve.

Why Try To Achieve Samadhi?

If you are someone who wants to treat meditation and yoga as something very significant in your life and want to pursue them with all seriousness and earnestness, then having Samadhi in mind as a goal is an excellent motivator. Achieving Samadhi is similar to achieving Enlightenment, according to expert and professional yogi. To be one with yourself and one with the universe is the most marvelous thing anyone can hope to gain while in this world.

Life is full of its surprises, and a lot of it, when we aren’t careful, causes us to react negatively, thus spiraling us down to constant thoughts of worry and stress. This is why we often feel like we can “never catch a break” or why we are always feel tired.

But once a person reaches Samadhi, he or she is in full control of the self and of everything else around him or her. No more negativity or stress-led lives. Just positive energy and enlightened thoughts, the highest form of self-awareness and peace with the universe. Imagine that.

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