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A Brief Introduction To Movement Meditation

Also known as Moving Meditation, Movement Meditation is a technique that involves, as the phrase suggests, movement. Instead of sitting in a stationary position (as most types of meditation require), this technique involves simple motion or actions that you can incorporate in your routine while you meditate.

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Who Movement Meditation Is For

It is the perfect alternative for times when you feel like sitting idly might not be for you at that moment or if you’ve been on your chair the whole day at work and think you need a little bit of a stretch. Likewise, this is for those who are constantly brimming with energy and are unable to hold that energy down by not doing anything.

To add, don’t get movement meditation confused with other physical activities that are tailored with the purpose of weight loss or muscle toning (although there are physical benefits in moving meditation as well). This Dynamic Movement (another name it’s known by) still follows the key concept of meditation which is focused. Focus your mind to and be aware of the movement you will be making.

The Preparation

Similar to other types of meditation, start with your breathing. Although you will later be maneuvering your body into motion, now is the time to keep still and be watchful of your breath. You don’t have to be seated to do this. Simply stay steady while inhaling and exhaling deeply. Remember, you are to pay attention to how your body reacts and responds to the oxygen you take in.

Stretching is another way to prepare your physical form for Movement Meditation. It isn’t so much a meditation technique than it is a way to merely loosen up your muscles and joints for what you are about to do.

The Basics Of Performing

Set in mind that the movements you will be making should be done slowly and with intent. Take extra notice of each part of your body from your head down to your feet. If you’re just starting out, which is what this post is about, you can try leaning in 4 directions.

Stand with your right foot slightly more forward than your left and ever so slowly lean forward (think “flat as a board”) as far as you are able to balance yourself. Hold this position for 5 seconds and bring yourself back to your original stance. For leaning back, left your left foot also be placed a little bit behind you and do the same but in this direction. Repeat this method as you lean to the right as well as to the left.

After the first round, let your body control the movement this time on its own and feel the way you are being drawn into the motion. Repeat this for 5 rounds, each one separated by a 10-second still pause.

Mindfulness Plays A Role In Movement Meditation

After each round, you will automatically become more and more aware of the natural rhythm your movements your body will follow, the way you will begin to breathing systematically in sync with your motion, and how every movement will produce a kind of “release” so that instead of feeling tired, you will all the more be alert and energetic.

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