Eat Healthy And Meditate


Is Meditation Strictly For The Mind Alone?

Yes and no. The goal of meditation is to target the mind and free your way of thinking when stress and other anxiety-inducing factors come your way. It works in the mind and through it. To add, you can think of it as a practice for your brain.

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Your thoughts and emotions have their own corners in your mentality and they are controlled inward. That answers the “yes” part of our statement.

Now, for the “no.” Think of meditation as something holistic. It doesn’t stop in your head or your inner being. Although, as we’ve mentioned, that is where it all begins, once true peace, happiness and self-awareness are achieved, these will very naturally overflow to the physical realm. And by the physical realm, we mean your physical body.

Healthy Eating

Why Is Healthy Eating Needed When Practicing Meditation?

Meditation is a tool that we use to lead us to a state of relaxation. If our physical bodies are worn down because of the unhealthy food we eat, then it will be harder for us to focus and get into the practice of meditating.

Furthermore, these unhealthy foods leave toxins in our bodies that can cause illness. When the body is ill and weak, not only will we have a difficult time wielding it to be focused but these immediately turn into negative signals that will add to your stress, and later on be a constant stressor you won’t even notice is the root cause in the long run.

Therefore, healthy eating is, in fact, aid in making your meditation practices more effective. Some people say that it’s a way of putting yourself on “diet mode.” This isn’t exactly wrong. Of course, when you start eating healthy, you will lose excess weight.

However, don’t make dieting your motivator in eating healthy because it will end up being short-lived. Let health be your motivator and find that you will have a more consistent routine when it comes to having healthy eating habits and meditating.

What Kind Of Diet Is Best To Pair With Meditation

There’s no specific diet program such as Keto, Atkins, and the like, needed in meditation. Eating right is the key.

1. Stop The Junk.

Junk food, fast food, artificial sweets and chocolates, these are addictive for a reason. They are processed and are loaded with additives, preservatives and other synthetic ingredients that do more harm than good to our bodies.

2. Water. More Water.

The 8-glass rule isn’t an old wives’ tale. We should be able to drink this much and more throughout our day to have a healthy amount of water intake. Likewise, water should replace other artificial and unhealthy drinks such as sodas, powdered drinks, etc.

3. Eat At Home.

This is where it gets tricky. Not all of us cook. However, there’s always room for growth especially when it comes to learning new skills. Buy ingredients from the market or grocery and prepare your own meals instead of buying them from outside. Don’t fret. The internet has now made it easy for you to follow simple recipes. Also, replace your ordinary cooking oil with extra virgin cooking oil if you can.

You can still eat out of course. Just make sure that you eat at home more.

4. Less Carbs.

Well, this is also not an old wives’ tale. Instead of completing cutting white bread, rice, pasta, and the rest of the tasty stuff from your diet, simply cut down on them. Whenever you get hungry, replace those carbs with fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

5. Have Cheat Days

It’s true that you should stick to your diet. But cheat days offer not only your taste buds respite from the healthy eating. It does so to your brain as well. Cheat days can be understood by our brains as rewards for having consistently been able to follow through without a healthy lifestyle.

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