How to Improve Creativity Easily With Meditation

Improve Creativity

Ever noticed how creative children tend to be? The truth is, we are all born creative, but not all retain this creative ability. The reason being that after years of subjugation to a system (educational); we are compelled to follow a particular pattern, bound by various laws and standards limiting our innermost potential and imaginative capabilities. We will discuss how to improve creativity in his article. 

Most people hear the word creativity and begin thinking about famous creative artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, Bob Ross, and others. Some may even think to unlock this creative ability, you must first know how to be artistic. While this may not be entirely wrong, it isn’t entirely right either.

Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean having artistic abilities or capabilities like being able to draw a portrait, paint, sculpture, etc. Though it may, at some point, entail those mentioned above, it’s not entirely dependent on it. 

Being creative means being able to solve a problem in an unfamiliar way. It encompasses being able to devise Unconventional means to tackle a problem. Something out of the ordinary. 

Creativity, unlike IQ, cannot be measured. Creative people are better thinkers and better problem solvers. Being creative makes you view things from another perspective compared to how ordinary people would. A creative mind has a unique perception of things. Creativity allows you to harness that inner peculiarity, which may, of course, seem unusual to the normal eyes. But it solves the problem regardless.

In some firms or organizations, one of the most sought after qualities required of their employees is creative thinking

Meditation Improve Creativity

Being creative has its perks. Here are some of them: 

  • Creativity is limitless – you can express your creative potential to the apex of your ability.
  •  Creativity is versatile – In almost all aspects of our lives, creativity is an essential variable. It is not limited to a certain environment or type of profession. 
  • Creative people do not need to deal with stress and anxiety- there is this feeling of satisfaction when engaged in projects that are creative-demanding, especially when there is a positive outcome. 
  • Helps you create solutions to problems- one of the benefits of creativity in the workplace is that it not only makes you a better thinker but also a problem solver at your place of work.
  • Creativity can make you become a person of interest. In essence, being creative makes you an interesting person, maybe because of your choice of hobbies like painting, photography, writing, and so on. Whatever they might be, they sure make you significantly different from others. 
  •  It gives you ambition- A creative mind will always yearn to create and invent “that which is not yet known.”
  • Also, it improves the ability to focus- To create or invent requires a certain amount of dedication and commitment.

Creativity Manifests in Various Aspects of Life

In an attempt to understand the psychology of creativity, scientists initially believed that creativity came solely from the right hemisphere of the brain. This turned out to be a myth as recent discoveries proved that other neural network and areas within the brain also spark creativity. Several different parts of the brain, such as the frontal cortex, hippocampus, and basal ganglia, are essential for creative thinking.  

There are many methods you can adopt to boost your creativity, and one of these methods that are usually taken for granted is “meditation.” 

The good news is we are all creative by nature. It’s somewhere in our genes. It’s somewhere in our brains. All we need to do is tap into that creative energy living inside of us. 

So, what is the best way to bring our creativity back to life? Meditation.

A great meditation technique to learn to help improve creativity is Mindfulness meditation. 

How to Improve Creativity

Creativity requires imagination and the ability to tap into our emotions. We are not usually aware of these emotions because of our busy lives. Meditation gives us the opportunity to tap into our emotions and explore our imaginations and come up with new ideas. Mindfulness meditation allows us to harness these ideas and produce them as useful solutions. When we meditate, the mind becomes peaceful, void of disoriented thoughts and feelings hence giving rise to our creative thinking. Mindfulness meditation entails focusing attention on a particular problem and coming up with creative solutions. 

No matter how busy you may be, always take time to engage in mindfulness meditation training, consistent practice of this will no doubt yield creative results. 

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