How to Benefit Mental and Emotional Health With Meditation

Emotional health

Susan is a stockbroker who is celebrated and admired for her drive and consistent work ethic. She is a self-motivated woman dedicated to her career. Being not just a woman, but a successful one in a profession dominated by males takes great willpower, and Susan continually shows that she has this willpower. Beneath her interaction with those involved in her job, Susan is kind, friendly, and always appreciative of the present. She always finds the time to connect with her loved ones. She meditates daily and ensures she finds the time for self-awareness and peace despite working extra hard and sometimes long hours. Susan knows and accepts that she can make mistakes, but she never lets them stop her progress or influence her mental and emotional health. 

Susan is a clear example of someone with thriving emotional health. With her profession and the pressure to do better than others for success, Susan could have easily been the person that snaps at everyone, depends on drugs or alcohol to cope, makes wrong decisions, and is too busy for anything but work. Being emotionally healthy has helped Susan be the best version of herself every day. 

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Meditation Improves Emotional Health

Emotional health means being able to accept and manage your feelings through changes and challenges. An emotionally healthy person is in control of their thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. They have a good relationship with others and can bounce back from setbacks. Emotional health encompasses emotional intelligence and regulation.

Being emotionally healthy does not mean you stay happy all the time. On the contrary, an emotionally healthy person can feel anger, stress, sadness, and more, but they know how to manage all these emotions. They know when to seek help and when things are beyond their capabilities. 

Why is Emotional Health Important?

  • An emotionally distressed person is more susceptible to physical illness. Several studies also support this and show that emotional distress can put you at risk for even heart diseases.
  • Humans will always face challenges. Without emotional health, you do not have the skills to face these problems. 
  • It’s essential to get into social interaction and integration.
  • It also prevents high levels of stress

Despite the importance of emotional health in our daily lives, too many people are dealing with difficulties with their emotions. Some also find it challenging to work through stress, accept mistakes, and so on. Before you know it, these emotional health problems grow into unhealthy lifestyles and illnesses. 

There’s no doubt you want to be in control of your emotions and live a truly balanced life. This skill doesn’t come easily, and you must put in the effort. Meditation has proven to be an excellent solution for elevating emotional health. 

Meditation is a well-known practice that brings the body to deep relaxation while providing the tools to deal with stress. As you relax your mind and body, you enter a state of tranquility. During this state, meditation neutralizes negative stress hormones and other factors that threaten your emotional state. It helps you build self-esteem, find more joy in the present, and heal from past traumas. After each session of such a transformative process, you find yourself better equipped to deal with intense or stressful situations.

mental and emotional health

The Role of Emotional Intelligence

Meditation also improves emotional health by developing emotional intelligence. It teaches you to stay calm and balanced and to let unhealthy thoughts go. It helps you boost self-awareness and understanding. You also get to understand others, including their vibes, facial expressions, energy, and body language. 

Some successful poker players have attributed their success to meditation and how it helped them be in tune with others. 

Meditation renews your thought process, melts layered depression, anxiety, and dysfunctional thought patterns. This helps you stay clear-headed and maintain high levels of self-discipline, better problem-solving skills, and immunity to stress.

Even medical experts and psychologists recommend any form of meditation as practical emotional health activities for these reasons. 

How to Improve Emotional Health with Meditation

Almost any meditation can deliver the solutions you need for improved emotional health. However, the following are best suited for this need;

  • Mindfulness meditation.
  • Visualization meditation.
  • Breathing/breath awareness meditation
  • Body Scan meditation
  • Transcendental meditation
  • Loving-kindness meditation 

It’s worth mentioning that across the world, challenges in mental and emotional health are stigmatized. Alongside this, it is also important to promote the understanding of mental and emotional health and learn that these are nothing to be ashamed of. The numbers of emotionally healthy people are much smaller than those that are not. But, everyone deserves a chance to remain healthy emotionally. So, daily practice of all or any of these techniques could be all you need. 

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