Mindful Kids Practice: Coming Back to the Positive


Kids many feel the stress of trying to keep with the world. Trying to see it that they are achieving things which people expect out of them. Mindful kids’ practice will bring a lot of positivity in the kid’s life. Mindful kids practice is an exercise to remove the negative vibes and let the positivity flow in. It is a practice that you should encourage your children to do. It will help you deal with whatever problem you are facing calmly and positively.

Mindful kids practise should be done mostly during the mornings; the environment in the mornings is peaceful and beautiful. Here are some ways to do follow this practice.

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Mindful Kids Practice: Coming Back to the Positive
Mindful Kids Practice: Coming Back to the Positive

The First Step Of Mindful Kids Practice -How To Begin

For the first practice rule, go to a spot or place that you find comfortable and lie down. Let your body loose and let your arms and legs free. And release all the stress and tensions that you have been holding on to and set them open. You will feel the relief that your body will get from doing let everything free. Once you let your arms and legs loose, close your eyes. Don’t force yourself to close your eyes. Mindful kids practices work only if you are willing to let yourself go. It won’t be easy at first, but you will begin to feel the calm within. This effective practice will make you notice what your body does and what it can do. Then, notice the stiffness that let’s lose and frees your arms and legs.

The Second Step

After closing your eyes, start noticing how you feel. Which nostril you are breathing in from and which you are breathing out. You will suddenly feel the pattern in which your body does the fantastic breathing exercise. And with it also look at how your body changes, how your belly moves up and moves down, with every breath. As you breathe in, your belly goes in, and as you free out your belly comes up. Each time you breathe, your belly moves. And if you really want to feel it, then keep your hands on your stomach instead of the floor or mattress.

Mindful Kids Practice: Coming Back to the Positive
Mindful Kids Practice: Coming Back to the Positive

The Third Step Of Mindful Kids Practice

The next step is to start counting your breaths. But if you lose count, it’s okay. Don’t try to remember the number because once you forget, you will find it hard to remember. So instead, go back to the amount which you recognize. Begin from the number again and focus on your day. And what went well and good in your day.

Further, counting the breathing exercise, push yourself toward imaging yourself in your goals and plans for the day or your year, or however long you want that to be your goal. You will feel so much better when you picture feeling free and open to all that you are focusing on and imagining. The next step is just to let your self concentrate on a person. The person is someone that brings a smile to your face or brings joy to your life.

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