Mindfulness Meditation Exercise For Anxiety


In recent times, anxiety and depression have taken a sudden rise. It can be due to the increased stress and unhealthy lifestyle. Meditation is an easy way to get rid of stress. Furthermore, it helps to increase our focus and help us to make the right decisions. There are different ways of practising meditation. One of the best ways to meditate is to practice mindfulness meditation. In this post, we explain the mindfulness meditation practice to help in anxiety.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise For Anxiety
Mindfulness Meditation Exercise For Anxiety
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This meditation helps to slow down your thoughts at the present moment. Thus, it is beneficial to get rid of negativity from your mind. All your worries and tension go out of the brain. Therefore, it is helpful to improve mental health and prevent anxiety and depression. The individuals must read this useful post to get relevant information.

Guide To Practice Mindfulness Meditation


In the beginning, you find it challenging to sit in silence. You can start by practising this activity for 3 to 5 minutes. Once you become comfortable with timings, you can gradually increase it.


The environment plays an essential role in practising this meditation. You need to find that region of your house, which is free from distraction. There must be no phone, pets, or people in this area. Remove your heavy jewellery, shoes, or any tight clothing. The environment must be very peaceful to get proper results.

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Position For Mindfulness Meditation

The serious practitioners prefer to sit on the ground with crossed legs and a straight spine. However, you can relax in any comfortable position. You can lie or sit with a chair. Find that posture in which your body does not become distracted.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercise For Anxiety
Mindfulness Meditation Exercise For Anxiety

Bring Your Awareness Of The Exact Moment

After you get in a comfortable posture, focus inwards. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing pattern. However, do not try to bring any change. If your brain becomes wondering in any other thought, bring the attention back to the breathing.

Acknowledging Your Thoughts

During this activity, various thoughts may arise in your mind. It may be negative or anxious thoughts too. However, do not try to suppress them. Instead, acknowledge these thoughts and wait for them to vanish. Do not react to any thought. Therefore, it helps to make you peaceful. Furthermore, this practice also helps to make less anxious if any negative comes in your mind anytime.

Finishing Your Mindfulness Meditation

When you spend the desired time, rub your hands, and place them on your eyes. Open your eyes slowly. Take a few stretches when you come out of the practice.

Additional Tips: Mindfulness Meditation

  • If you find your mind wander about the future or past, bring attention to the present. Focusing on your breath cycle can help.
  • While practising meditation, you can experience some negative thoughts. Do not push these thoughts; otherwise, they can increase the anxiety feeling. Try to admit these thoughts. It will help you to learn and face the inner dialogue.
  • You can do mindfulness meditation at any time of the day. In the morning, it helps to feel you better. During evening time, it helps to get rid of the daily stress. Hence, it helps to get you better sleep at night. You can find the best time by practising at various times.
  • To keep track of time, you can use an alarm or timer. It will prevent your worry about reaching the time.
  • It may take some time to notice the benefits. You need to practice it regularly for the best results.

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