Our 4 Most Recommended Books On Meditation


For a lot of us, it helps to follow instructions when we see them. And it is even more helpful to retain these in our memory when we can go back to them easily any time we want to, without hassles.

Having visual words or instruction set before us while we actually practice them is actually a very good way of building familiarization. In the same way, even the practice of reading creates tranquility in our brains. It quiets the loud bells of the world and makes for chimes that enhance your capacity for memory and analytical thinking.

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Consequently, add those information and put in the topic of meditation in what you’ll be reading, the combination will be amazingly otherworldly.

Reading Vs. Meditation

Pump the breaks. Reading should not be a substitute for meditation. Likewise, though both allow for peace of mind (depending on what you’re reading), they are different in their goals and their effects on us.

If you are, just like us, wanting to be more in tune with yourself and with your surroundings… if, like us, you are tired of being controlled by worry and negative thoughts and feelings… aside from practicing meditation, let’s read about it.

Let’s make a change do something productive during our downtime. In addition, reading about meditation will help retain those concepts and techniques in our heads more, so not only will it be useful as you practice, but it will also assist you as you become a master this art in the long run.

Take A Quick Look At Our Top 4 Books On Meditation:

1.  The Perfect Meditation Guide For Those Who Are Just Starting Out

Disclaimer: This easy-to-read guide by Benjamin W. Decker does not promise that you will be an expert in meditation after reading it. But what it guarantees is that you will learn how to handle your stress and anxieties with the meditative techniques you will find in its pages.

Kindle: $6.33
Paperback: $10.40

2. Meditation Can Benefit You Even In Your Daily, Practical Tasks And Activities

This book shows you that meditation doesn’t affect only the “inner you”. But because meditation transforms who you are, how you think, react, and feel, it overflows outwardly into the things that you do, wherever it is you may be. Author Emily Fletcher gives insight into how meditation can be the starting point of being able to do more, and do more better.

Kindle: $8.38
Hardcover: $17.70
Audio CD: $22.45

3. Here Are 75 Mindfulness Tips You Can Choose From And Use Everyday

Don’t let the number scare you away. We know, 75 is a huge count. However, author Matthew Suckolov had just simply broken down the practical steps we can take when we meditate. He also includes the benefits we will be receiving when the practice is done regularly, and trust us, you will want to get your head into this, and out of the negative that taunt you every day.

Kindle: $6.33
Paperback: $13.43
Audio CD: $11:32

4. You Won’t Have Any Excuse When It Comes To Meditations That Last No More Than 5 Minutes

No time to meditate (though we firmly believe that anything you put importance to, you will be able to find time for)? Well, you will have to excuse this amazing book. Author Sah D’Simone has written down 5-minute meditation you can do day to day, when you wake up, during your breaks, or even before going to bed. Her instructions are so effortlessly understandable, your days will truly change because of it.

Kindle: $6.33
Paperback: $9.98

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