Our List Of 5 Popular Meditation Music Albums


Music is, well, I hate to use this old and too-many-times-runover-cliché, universal. I won’t haven change it because it still rings absolutely true to this day. Even the cliché itself is… universal. I did it again, but what the heck.

The Science Meditation Music And Our Brain

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What we should all know about music is that is isn’t just about sound going through our ears. It’s not just about being entertained by our preferences when it comes to this art form. According to scientists and researchers, music intellectually stimulates our brain. Yes, you heard me (or more like, read…me? Lol).

Studies reveal that music “lights up” the exact parts of the brain that do when we go through activities that involve movement, attention, emotion, learning, and memory. Amazing, isn’t it? So it’s wrong to say that music is just something to pass the time because it does so much more than that.

Similarly, when it comes to music and meditation, the first isn’t there for the effect of it. It doesn’t just make atmosphere have that yoga-vibe (add in some bells and chimes, draped curtains and an instructor with a speaking voice as smooth as chocolate). No times three.

Think of it as a mood setter from within. It prepares your inner being for the steps you will be taking as you begin meditating. And it is part of the process as well, if you think about it.

Now, in this side of the spectrum it isn’t about your preference. One can’t choosy heavy metal and say that that’s his or her jam when it comes to relaxing. We respect your choice of music. I mean, we ourselves live in an explosive bang of different genres of music we chill out to any day.

Meditation Music

However meditation music is very specific. It targets areas in our brains that function for the purposes of focus, intelligent decision making, positivity, rest and refreshment.

Take A Quick Look At Our List Of The 5 Best Albums Of Music For Meditation: 1. Zen Garden (Music for Deep Sleep, Meditation, Spa, Healing, Relaxation)

1. Zen Garden

Put together by Sound Music Garden, here’s one of the most popular albums that can definitely put you in the mood of calm and quiet.

From its Japanese origins, the idea of Zen is about of achieving the truest reality and happiness from none other than yourself, you will be brought to your first steps of meditation with the different sounds produced in each track.

2. Ambient Music for Therapy

Another one from Sound Healing Center, Ambient Music for Therapy provides your ears, your mind, and your heart with a feeling of connection with your surroundings. It will allow you to feel that you’re ready to be one with the environment.

3. Chakra Suite

Composed by American musician Steven Halpern, his Chakra Suite carries a compilation of his amazing pieces that were inspired by the word itself— Chakra — which has to do with energies in our bodies that can be channeled in specific focal points and can be used in meditation.

Classical Music For Meditation?

4. Mozart

With pieces from the genius of classic music himself, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, find mentally stimulating yet calming tracks performed by various artists. Let this symphony of meditative ear candy lift your spirits high.

5. Tibetan Monk Chants

Akim Bliss (we’re not sure is he or she is one person or if they’re a group) provides us with a whole album of Tibetan Monk Chants. With deep long notes complemented by bells and other instruments, you will be taken on a unique journey with these meditation tracks.

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