Rainbow Face Paint


Rainbow Face Paint is always fun and fabulous. People tend to use face paint for specific occasions. It is a color of pride and honor. The rainbow is full of life as it is very much colorful. Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. The different colors all hold different meanings. As a whole, one considers it to be the color of pride. The LGBT community symbolizes themselves as the rainbow color. All different colors hold together for love and acceptance. One even Rainbow Face Paint various parts of their body.

Rainbow Face Paint Washable Body Art

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This Rainbow Face Paint is a washable body art for adults and children. Besides, this is water-based and easy to apply. It has brilliant colors that you can spread all over your face, hand, or other body parts. Face paint is a traditional body art that people use on various events like fun birthday parties, social gatherings, and other activities. It allows you to show your artistic side as you start to blend colors and draw different kinds of designs. Other than that, it will catch children’s attention because of the radiant and beautiful colors that it can provide. Always remember that before you spread it out on your face, always do a skin test to make sure that there are no adverse reactions.

Suitable For Children’s Party

Having a festive event for your child can be pretty challenging. You have to come up with different kinds of ideas to make the party colorful and memorable. So, this set of washable body art can make the party even more fun. Start by decorating some fun balloons, colorful tulles, party decors, streamers, and put some table cloths on each kid’s table. Afterward, you can have a booth for face painting. In this booth, you can use a brush and the colorful face paint. Apply it on the children’s faces by drawing adorable shapes and patterns. Kids will feel happy as they look at the mirror and seeing the beautiful drawings on their face.

Easy To Apply Face Paint

This face paint is straightforward to use. You can dip a brush or sponge into the water. Afterward, wipe it on the color and gently paint it on your face and body. You can start drawing simple designs. If you want to remove it, you can instantly wipe the paint off using wet tissue or wash it off with soap and water.


The Rainbow Face Paint is always a colorful paint, making the person symbolize pride and happiness. It looks amazingly beautiful and mesmerizing when the color glows. The primary method of applying this face paint is very much similar to painting on a canvas. These are the fantastic colors that will fill life into your drawings and events. The few areas of the body where one applies paint look mesmerizing in a different way.

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