Seated Postures In Yoga


Yoga is a science that embraces your personality if it is done with correct postures. Postures in yoga are fundamental. Different styles of yoga are Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and many more.

These asanas help you in achieving sound health, which impacts your overall emotional and physical well-being. There are many postures in yoga-like standing posture, twisting ones, backbend, and seating. There are even asanas for beginners’ level and for the ones who face problems in standing yoga asanas. They can be comfortable with seated asanas. Seated postures in yoga give time to beginner’s space and flexibility to balance their body in different postures. Seating yoga works excellent on the body’s stamina, toning our abdomen and provide relief to backaches.

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Seated Postures In Yoga
Seated Postures In Yoga

Seated Postures In Yoga

Bound Pose Or Baddha Konasana

Start with this pose in a seating position. Bring your legs in a seated way and join both of them by joining toes. Wide your knees on both sides and place your plan below the thumb of feet. Be erect through the pose and look in front of yourself.

Front Fold

Sit on the floor, with legs straight. Do not bend your legs and lean forward. Touch your toes with your hands and ensure your legs are straight. Inhale and put the sides in an upward position and then exhale and fold forward in one swing. Reach down with your arms again and then rest on the ground. Place your chest over your knees and then take some rest. Then move backward straight. Hold this pose in your position for 60 seconds.

Lion Pose Postures In Yoga

Begin in a situated position with hips laying on the heels and palms on the knees. Breathe out, expedite the hands the floor, curve the spine, and gaze toward the roof.

Boat Pose Postures In Yoga

Bend from your knees and sit on the ground. Now, straight your legs and sit in an erect position. Put your hands below your knees and lift them in a straight position. Do not bend your knees. Hug your thighs in your abdomen and stretch out your tailbone. Raise the toes above in the sky and extend your arms towards the floor.

Fire Log Postures In Yoga

Sit straight on the yoga mat and then fold your legs. Put the feet of your right leg on top of left. Ensure they are perpendicular to the floor from your body. Spread your toes and bend forward. Now, put your hand’s palm facing on the ground. Repeat this with another leg.


Seated Postures In Yoga
Seated Postures In Yoga

Good posture in yoga is essential to maintain good health. If postures are not kept correctly, then they do not give many effects. Postures reveal a lot about your image and personality, as well. It not only heals your outer body but also works on your inner soul. Yoga should be done by everyone at least 30 mins a day as it has immense benefits. These benefits are uncountable and can make anyone into a better position emotionally, mentally, and physically to what they are. Follow correct postures in yoga and be healthy.

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