A Few Items That Can Help Your Meditation


Do We Need Meditation Equipment?

The answer? Yes. And no. It will depend on context. If you’ve already mastered meditation to the point where you are able to do it anywhere, and we mean anywhere, having equipment will not be something compulsory.

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Not that it’s compulsory for any other level, we just believe that having the right equipment can boost your meditative state and get you there more quickly.

We are not saying that you must rely on meditation equipment. No. Similarly, meditation equipment is a mere addition to creating your meditation space. They should only add to the overall feel of your space but in a manner that if you take them away, the balance in the atmosphere will remain unchanged.

Meditation Equipment For Beginners

Again, we’d like to point out that meditation equipment isn’t a must for meditating. However, they are helpful tools in providing you with that comfortable atmosphere in which you are to meditate.

These will be especially helpful if you are a beginner in the practice as they will help your psyche get in the mood of meditating. When your eyes see your meditation equipment, they will send signals to your brain to let your mindset be ready for your routine.

Simple Does It

You don’t need to spend a lot on your meditation equipment. You might even already have some of them stored somewhere in your home and you just aren’t aware that they can be used for this specific purpose.

1. Use A Mat

This is for those who sit cross-legged on the floor. It’s best to have a mat size that is exact to your leg frame when seated in that position because it will teach you to stay only within that circumference. Like, it will be an additional form of training for your mind when it comes to focus and attentiveness.

You can also use a sitting cushion for this.

2. Use A Chair Or A High Stool

If you like sitting on a chair instead of on the floor, find one that will allow you to sit comfortably while allowing your feet to rest flat on the ground. Your feet shouldn’t hang off of it. Similarly, use a chair that isn’t too comfortable that it will entice you to sleep. One that is comfortable enough that you won’t have any back pain but not to the extent of making you feel lazy.

3. Candles Or Incense

These are definitely based on your preferences. If you are the kind who is easily affected by scents, use mildly scented candles and incense to add to your goal of creating a relaxing atmosphere. The keyword here is “mild.” So make sure not to buy ones that have an overbearing aroma.

These mild scents will cause your subconscious to imagine that you are in a different place, and are not just in a common space you’re usually in (e.g. at home or at the office).

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