Spiritual Eye Meditation: What To Know


Before understanding the spiritual eye meditation procedure, you need to know what the spiritual eye is. It is known as the “sixth chakra” or “third eye” in yoga sessions.

Yoga practitioners find it between their eyebrows. Initially, it lies within the brain just at the point between the eyebrows. Focusing on this very point during meditation helps individuals in raising their consciousness while feeling more relaxed and uplifted.

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Spiritual Eye Meditation: What To Know
Spiritual Eye Meditation: What To Know

Spiritual Eye Meditation Procedure

To practice this form of meditation, you will have to sit for your session; take some deep breaths and start. The very first thing you need to do is concentrate on the spot between the eyebrows. Imagine a shaft of bright golden illumination there. Enter the shaft mentally and feel as if you have freedom and happiness around you. While moving through the shaft, feel as if you are free of all worldly emotions and thoughts while bathing in that golden light.

You can keep soaring through the shaft as long as you feel like doing so. Once you are done with it, visualize a curtain of violet and blue light before you. Pass through this curtain, and you will get into another shaft of deep light in the violet and blue colour. Feel this light as if it is surrounding you. You will find the walls of the shaft disappearing in this light. Try expanding your concentration and consciousness into this light. It will offer you complete bliss and freedom.

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The Final Step Of Meditation

Finally, there is no shaft in front of you. What you will find is an all-encompassing bliss and blueness of infinity. It is the time for you to imagine a five-pointed, silvery-white star filled with light. Spread out your legs and arms mentally assuming your body to be in the shape of a star. Surrender yourself to this star in mind, soul, and body while giving all your feelings and thoughts to the self-existing and absolute bliss. You will find bliss gently cascading upon you and filling your inner self with indescribable peace.

Understanding The Spiritual Eye

Do not consider the spiritual eye to be any physical thing located within your body. It is a light that you can visualize between your eyebrows. The medulla oblongata is the portal for its entry located right the base of the brain.

You find the five-pointed, silvery-white star while meditating. It is the doorway for you to enter your mind. It is through this star that you can easily penetrate the interiors of your brain. The original design of the human body depends on this star.

Spiritual Eye Meditation: What To Know
Spiritual Eye Meditation: What To Know

How To See The Spiritual Eye

You don’t need to have the focus of your eyes at the point between the eyebrows directly to see the spiritual eye. If you do so, it might be pretty tricky and can even make the eyes cross.

Instead, you should have relaxed eyes looking slightly upwards. You should always concentrate on the spiritual eye with closed eyes.

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