Spiritual Growth In Relation To Meditation And Yoga


What We Mean By Spiritual Growth

We don’t want to focus on the religious side of the phrase. What we’d like to give notice to, and have you turn your attention to, is the personal spiritual definition of it. Spiritual growth refers to the level of self-actualization that is first experienced by the human spirit.

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In the same way, the life that we breathe and the force around it which makes up our emotions, character, and personality are what the human spirit consists of.

Think Spiritual Dimension

We’re now talking about things that are intangible, things that are not physical and require an open mind to understand, and even more so, to accept.

The way we understand, feel, make decisions, and the like, these are all a part of our spiritual beings. Our spirit, if you will.

How To Achieve Spiritual Growth

1. Meditate For Spiritual Growth

Meditation is a foundation for spiritual growth because it all starts with clarity of the mind. Everything that we do physically is linked to the way we think. If you’re interested in starting from the very basic, take a look at our post on Meditation for beginners.

Make sure you have a quiet time for yourself every day. Try not to miss it and keep it consistent. Likewise, getting into your quiet zone especially through meditation will help give you peace of mind and will keep you calm and focused.

2. Practice Asanas For Spiritual Growth

Here’s another link to a guide we’ve written so that you can follow instructions about how to practice it. Asanas are more than just about posture and the way you sit when meditating or doing yoga. It is a kind of prayer, a reverence, maybe not to a god or anything else (because you are entitled to believe what you believe), but to life itself.

3. Journal For Spiritual Growth

This might be something new to you but don’t worry. It only takes 14 days to create a habit. When you journal, it doesn’t need to be a few pages long. You can simply write about the things that you did and felt during the day. Similarly, jot down troubles you might have encountered and note how you reacted towards them.

4. Think “Universe” For Spiritual Growth

As you go through your day, be in touch with your inner being. At the same time, be mindful of your surroundings. By surroundings, we mean the air you breathe, the sky above you, the heat of the sun, the cold that the breeze brings. Don’t let negativity control you. Traffic, deadlines at work, relationship challenges and the like, keep them in a compartment in your head but turn your perspective into the positive when you are reminded of them.

You are in control. It isn’t the other way around.

5. Exercise And Watch Your Diet For Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth can be enhanced by taking care of your physical body. Healthy body, healthy mind, right? Take care of yourself. Watch what you eat.

6. Be With Like-Minded People Who Also Want To Grow Spiritually

Being with like-minded people will encourage you to continue on in the path to self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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