Subtle Relaxation Techniques You Can Use On The Go


The Core Behind Relaxation Techniques

Our minds are often cluttered by thoughts that bring about stress. We’re so used to carrying this kind of burden every day that we believe this is what’s normal. Worrying, and thus being negative in our way of thinking. This is why instead of trying even the most subtle relaxation techniques, we never address these as problems and are unable to find the root cause when anxiety, lack of sleep and bodily pains start occurring chronically.

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We then go to purchasing medicines for headaches, body pains, sleep assist and the like when all along, what we need to do is deal with the stressors in our minds. The mind is where it begins.

The purpose of relaxation techniques is to first have you that control your mind. Furthermore, it allows you to have the capability of not letting stressors affect your mindset which overflows to the physical.  

These and other subtle relaxation techniques are not a solution to major illnesses. If your doctor prescribes medicines, then take them regularly. Relaxation Techniques are to be seen only as a way of meditation and also as a supplement to having a healthy daily routine.

Which Relaxation Technique Is Right For You

There are a lot of practices that involve these kinds of techniques and one is not greater than the other. It’s just a matter of which one you will find yourself most comfortable doing, which one will you have space for or which one you’ll be able to fit in your schedule. These practices will work only when done consistently so make sure to experiment and find what truly suits your needs.

Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi and the like are a few of the styles you may want to study and adapt. You can look for classes that are being conducted around your area or do them on your own. If you’re starting out and are in need of a guide but don’t have the time to enroll yourself in a class, you can use books and audio CDs as your guide.

Our list of tools for Guided Meditation:

Subtle Relaxation Techniques

We’re bringing you subtle relaxation techniques that you can do them anywhere without letting it be obvious that you’re currently practicing the techniques. These will be helpful especially when you’re in public places such as on the bus or train, in a café or restaurant, in a library, an open office, or just any public space where you can be still for a few moments.

A lot of times, we aren’t able to set aside time to go and meditate. So, right where you are, here are some subtle relaxation techniques you can follow and memorize.

1. Lift Your Head To The Sky

As the phrase suggests, tilt your head slightly backward and look to the heavens (or ceiling). But as you do so, keep your eyes open while focusing on one spot along your line of sight. It could be a cloud, a light bulb, a ceiling decoration, etc.

After 10 seconds, tilt your head back down to the center. Repeat this 3-4 times.

Breathe steadily.

2. Raise And Roll Your Shoulders

Raise both shoulders and hold them up for 5 seconds before relaxing them. Then, roll them back twice. This will not only relax your shoulders but is a good way of correcting your posture as well.

3. Hands And Arms Up

Straighten your arms above your head once then slowly put them on your lap or desk. Close your fist for 3 seconds (as though you’re holding something inside) and release. Do the latter 5 times.

4. Straighten Those Legs

If you’re seated are might find it awkward to suddenly stand up where you are (e.g. in a meeting, at a restaurant), simply straighten them so that they are slightly in a 90-degree angle from your hips. If 90 degrees is a little difficult for you, not to worry. Lift them only as close to that angle as you are able to.

Then, while holding your legs in that position, bend your ankles inward so that your feet are bent towards you. Make sure to feel that stretch on your calves. Count to 10 and repeat 3-4 times.

5. Repeat Number 2, Inhale Deeply And Exhale

Now, you’re ready to continue your day feeling relaxed and energized at the same time.

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