The Benefits Of Meditation Music


The Benefits Of Meditation Music. Is There Such A Thing?

There are scientific pieces of evidence of how music affects the brain by hitting the parts that are responsible for mood, memory, and focus. Although a part of it is an emotional experience, it can have a physical outcome as a result.

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These include a reduction of stress, fewer occurrences of chronic headaches and muscle pain, proper sleep (especially for those who experience insomnia), healthy levels in blood pressure, etc.

It is also said that music gives our brains a workout because it activates neurotransmitters that keep it energized and alert.

Similarly, the benefits of meditation music enhance the mentioned results. Not only does it keep the mind active but it is able to bring it to a state of calm, which is an excellent pair to meditation, as they carry the same goal.

Why Meditation Music And Not Just Any Other Type Of Music?

First, we’d like to point out that we have nothing against other genres of music or against your musical preferences. You can continue listening to your playlist if it offers you the kind of relaxation you’re looking for. Or, just to chill out any time of the day.

What we’re trying to say is that meditation music has a very specific goal of aiding you in being in that peaceful state of mind. This then translates to a positive way of thinking so that you will no longer be controlled and negatively affected by stressors such as problems and challenges you face. In addition to this, the benefits of meditation music overflow to how your muscles react to stressors so that instead of being tense, they will feel more relaxed, thus lessening the tendencies of chronic body pains.

Here are some chosen meditation music by Spotify for free :

How To Listen To Meditation Music

Yes, there’s a “how” to it. Unlike other music genres that you can simply pop and play through your headphones or speakers, there is a process to follow when it comes to producing the benefits of meditation music.

You can play meditation music at home, in the office, in your car, and anywhere else. However, to truly benefit from it in terms of letting it positively affect your mind and body, play it while you meditate or try these simple instructions:

1. Close Your Eyes

Envision yourself in a vast, bright and beautiful open space. Imagine that there is only the sound of your breathing and the sound of the meditation music playing in your ears.

2. Breathe Slowly And Deeply

Be very focused on each breath you take and let go. Continue doing this for about 10-15 rounds with your eyes shut.

3. Keep Still And Feel

Don’t make any movement. The rise and fall of your stomach should be the only obvious motion happening in your body. Let your mind be aware of how you are seated or are lying down. Feel the air touching your skin and how your clothes are wrapped around your body. Notice how relaxed you are becoming and how all the negative energy is being replaced with positive vibes.


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