The Definition Of Mindfulness Meditation


The Simple Definition Of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being able to come to a realization and an awareness of ourselves and our environment. It is coming to the understanding that for us to find a balance between the two, we must learn how to be fully present.

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It’s allowing ourselves to be wholly mindful of the things that are happening within us and around us, without letting these control our responses but allows for the opposite instead.

The Definition Of Mindfulness Meditation

We are all capable of “being”. Yet we find ourselves having the most difficulty in trying to be in touch with this state of mind, so to speak.

When one is mindful, he or she removes all judgment from his or her thoughts. It is taking away objectivity and negativity from our perspectives and replacing them with wakeful clarity of our internal and external experiences.

How It Translates To Meditation

Now that we know what mindfulness is, how can we apply it to practical living? We’ll tell you right here.

Mindfulness Meditation simply revolves around the very term “mindful”. It is being mindful of what you’re doing, what you’re thinking of, and where you are. Follow these 3 simple steps to get you started.

1. Sit Down And Take Notice

Once you’re comfortably seated in a place where you won’t be disturbed, take notice of everything in and around you. Feel how you are breathing in and out. Let your senses take in how your skin feels the breeze around you, how your legs are rested on the chair, how your arms are laid on your lap, how the sound of your surroundings is filling the room.

2. Bring Yourself To Relax

Yes, relaxing takes effort from your end. By effort, we mean that you should willingly unclutter your thoughts and be in the moment. Things always work themselves out in the end so there is no point in worrying. Leave them be. Calmly empty yourself of negativity and channel your positive energies by letting your anxieties go.

3. Focus

The Definition Of Mindfulness Meditation

Our minds tend to wander easily. At first, you might think, “Oh, this isn’t so bad. I think I’m doing it” and then sooner than you think, all the negative thoughts you’ve left behind come rushing back in.

Don’t let this happen. You are in control. Your mind should not be quickly swayed by anything else but your sense of awareness and being fully present. Repeat it to yourself, “I am in control”.

You might find that during the first few times, your mind will be easily distracted by anything. By thoughts, sounds, things around you that you see. However, be encouraged that practice is key. Keep doing mindful meditation regularly and you will be brought to a complete awareness of yourself and what’s around you, you will be able to face anything that comes your way.

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