The Tibetan Buddhist Nepal Meditation Singing Bowl


There are many terms to define meditation, but the only answer you can get is to” know yourself.” In other words, you can say that meditation is a practice to sit in a place and concentrate on an object with your mind and heart. The style of living in this world is becoming faster and faster, and we have a little time to think of ourselves. This condition creates stress, hypertension, and anxiety, and other health disorders. To overcome the situation, you can meditate and keep you away from these conditions. A Tibetan Buddhist follows this way to release their stress and concentrate on meditation.

Meditation in eastern cultures developed more than thousands of years ago. Any layman who meditates regularly can gain relief from stress and achieve mental peace.

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Tibetan Buddhist Nepal Meditation Prayer Singing Bowl

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There is a contradiction about the origin and the name or creator of meditation. But, it can be said that the practice of meditation starts from 1500 BCE. Some say that Gautam Buddha, creator of Buddhism, was the creator of meditation, but it was not valid. The ancient wall paintings showed that people sitting with their eyes closed presumed to be in meditation, and that was long back 5000 to 3500 BCE. We can say that meditation practice stats from India.

Today it is a common practice throughout the world, and many people are practising meditation regularly to achieve mental peace and reducing stress. There are many training schools, and the centres teach the way to meditate. But, the Tibetan Buddhist Nepal Meditation Prayer Singing Bowl can help each people of the world the easiest way to meditate without any help.

The Tibetan Buddhist Nepal Meditation Prayer Singing Bowl

The use of the singing copper bowl by the Tibetans, in ancient times for meditating purposes. But nowadays, the singing copper bowls are still useful for reducing stress and stimulate healing. So, while you are at home or in your workplace or a taxi or metro, with a lot of pressure, the Tibetan singing bowls can naturally help you.

A home Décor

Apart from releasing stress and stimulating healing, Tibetan singing bowls can be used for home decoration. The metal material and its design can be outstanding from other decors. You can have a musical and spiritual feeling at your home.

A Fascinating Present

 You can give this particular product as a gift to your relatives and friends. People who involve in practising meditation can also use this singing bowl. You can also use this bowl to prevent negative energy, which helps your family to have a pleasant atmosphere.


Meditation practices started thousands of years ago. But, you have to put it in your mind that there is no alternative to secure mental peace and release stress without meditating. To strengthen your mind power, you have to meditate every morning, and you are sure to stay calm and make the right decision at the right time.

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