What Are The Different Types of Meditation


Meditation is a practice and art that allows us to journey on a path towards self-discovery. Most might think it has no practical benefits because of the wrong impression that it falls under mysticism or superstition. However, these wrong notions about meditation couldn’t be further from the truth.

In a simple definition, Meditation will allow us to find our true selves, be content and see things with a bright and positive perspective. Furthermore, this path will then lead us to successfully achieve our goals, build and rebuild relationships, live a healthy lifestyle and more.

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Nevertheless, the practical implications of meditation go on and on, and its benefits are nothing less than helpful.

Knowing About The Types Of Meditation

There are specific types of meditation that may be tailor-fit to you and your way of life. However, you can practice each and every one of them to truly be able to get in touch with your true self and be connected to the world around you.

Below are some books we recommend in order for you to have a better idea of the different types of meditation and how you can practice them on your own.

1. Meditations: 50 Meditation Techniques And 25 Tips

You will not have a scarcity in trying to find meditation techniques that work for you. CM Hamilton has collated 50 of them, including 25 tips on how to be proficient at each one. Be amazed at how easily you will be able to follow the instructions listed in this book’s pages.

Find more than the 7 types of meditation and practice them until you discover ones that will suit you perfectly. Conversely, included are thinking techniques as well, to help you channel your thoughts better and be able to control them instead of letting them control you.

2. Prisoners Of Our Own Mind

Stop right there and don’t be afraid just yet. Stephanie A. Shanti MS’s masterpiece delves into the crevices, nooks, and crannies of the mind that we don’t often pay attention to. In addition to this, it also shows us how we can have full liberation from the stress and anxieties we actually bring ourselves to when we think negatively.

Likewise, Shanti sheds light on the benefits of meditation in relation to keeping a healthy mind, along with its limitations in practice.

3. The Meditation Handbook

Find Eastern and Western Techniques in this beautifully condensed book about meditation and its various techniques. Author David Fontana gives us a sneak-peek into traditional as well as modern methods about meditation.

To add, its application to anyone of any age who wish to devote themselves to the road to self-awareness and self-content.

4. Yoga For Everyone

We will be turning our attention more into Yoga and it’s different techniques with Dianne Bondy’s guide to the practice’s various poses. Furthermore, meditation plays a huge role in Yoga and the latter is extremely practical and beneficial to everyday life.

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