The Various Beneficial Yoga Asanas


Yoga is a spiritual out of body experience that leads to physical well being. The various yoga asanas bring about a sense of a healthy mind and body. Through these postures, the physical body comes in contact with the astral body and spiritual soul. Reduce stress and tension in your body through the art of yoga. Yoga asanas not only bring flexibility but confidence and peace of mind too. Improve your muscle strength, cardiovascular activities, and respiration through regular yoga practice. Yoga is the ticket to establishing equilibrium, harmony, and self-healing.

Essential Oils Aromatherapy Diffusers

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Essential oils come from various plant parts – flowers, seeds, root, bark, etc. These essential oils are beneficial and ideal for home use. The oils are extracted to produce a concentrated mixture that relaxes us. Furthermore, the scent of these oils connects with the sensors in our brains directly. The aroma brings about different smells and different emotions too. The feelings are rejuvenating, uplifting, warm, renewing and energizing. These essential oils have significant mental and physical effects on us.

If you have a humidifier at home, then using this product becomes much more comfortable. The oils are suitable for heated and aromatherapy diffusers. Primarily, in a bowl of pure water add a few drops of the essential oil. Then turn on the humidifier and enjoy the essence of it. Now sit back, relax and make yourself peaceful. It is advisable to clean the water bowl before changing the scent. Mixing oils may lead to an unpleasant foul smell.

This aroma filled essential oil comes in 6 different scents. Depending on your mood, you can change and select anyone. The bottles/jars come with a warranty of 3 years. For best results, store the jars in a cool and dry place. Try not to bring them in direct contact with sunlight. Adults and children both can use this product likewise. So go along and sharing it with your friends and family.

A Few Yoga Asanas To Practise

If you are new to the world of yoga, then keep your sessions small and less physical. As you increase the days of practice, advance through the stages. Holding your postures and flexibility movements is a speciality of advanced yoga.


Tadasana or the mountain pose teaches you to stand tall like a majestic mountain. The pose requires you to stand on your heels and keep your arms close beside. Lift your toes and spread them gently on the floor. Balance your entire body on the feet. Inhale and elongate your torso and exhale and relax your shoulders.  This particular asana improves concentration and blood circulation through the body.


All the other asanas lead to making your body feel comfortable and ready for this posture. In this asana, the physical body comes in contact with the spiritual side. Astral body protection takes place. Sit with your legs crossed and place your hands on the knee. Relax your body and keep breathing gently. Keep your senses clear and free your mind from all thoughts. Fifteen minutes of Sukhasana improves the level of focus and concentration.

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