Three Breath Meditations to Connect to Your Best Self


Whenever you are having a stressful, you keep wishing that you can somehow get rid of the stress. And there’s only one way to feel the tension leaving your body. One way is through meditation. Breathe meditation is when you sit down and do breathing exercises, and your concentration remains only your breathing movements. There are three types of breathing mediations that will be helpful. You can choose from any of the three breathe meditations because the only thing different in all of them is the duration. But the aim of breath meditation remains the same in all three meditations. You will feel free and better when you do the three breathing exercises.

Three Breath Meditations

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Three Breath Meditations to Connect to Your Best Self
Three Breath Meditations to Connect to Your Best Self

1. The First Breathing Meditation- 11-Minute Awareness Of Breathe Practice-

Breath meditation is the 11-minute awareness of breath practice. It will help you after a stressful day of work. And you can do this in the mornings or evenings. So the first step of the 11-minute breathes meditation is- to sit and know that you are sitting. Straighten your back and let it feel all the bones aligning.  Let go of all your tensions from your forehead; let it feel free. Smile and make your face and jaw relax. And feel the heaviness that your shoulders are carrying. The next thing to do is to relax your upper arms and low arms and hands and fingers. Soften as you open your chest and place a hand over your chest. Drop your shoulders more and feel you breathe, move your hand up and down. Drop your hand from your chest to your belly and feel the breathing movement.  Notice the calm and relaxing feeling in your body. You will feel the awareness in your body.

2. The Second Breathing Meditation-5 Minute Awareness Of Breathe Practice- Three Breath Meditations

The second kind of breathe meditation is the 5-minute awareness of breathing meditation. The duration of the breath meditation can depend on you. Start the breath meditation by closing your eyes and breathing in and out. Relax your body and feel the calmness inside it. It is a breathing meditation that will make you focus on what you want to focus on and not let your mind be aimless. Every time you feel like your brain is wandering away, start focusing again. When you keep repeating the process, your attention won’t move, and you will be able to focus on specific things you want to target. 

Three Breath Meditations to Connect to Your Best Self
Three Breath Meditations to Connect to Your Best Self

3. The Third Breathing Meditation- 20- Minute Awareness Of Breathe Practice-

The third type of breathing meditation is the 20-minute awareness of breathing practice. It is a breath meditation that will reduce your negative thoughts and anxiety and sadness. While at the same time, it will increase the percentage of positive thoughts that you are experiencing. However, it will increase the feelings of happiness and peacefulness. With every breath in, you will feel the positive thoughts entering your body and mind. And with the breath out, you will feel the negative thoughts leaving the arena of your body. 

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