10 Books On Interesting Meditation Quotes


You’ve read quotations from the Dalai Lama, from famous yogi and other renown practitioners of meditation and yoga. Those quotations are a testament to how meditation is indeed a life-altering practice that leads to self-awareness and self-acceptance.

Because that is the key to life, do you agree? Self-acceptance. It’s when we are so full of negative thoughts and anxieties that we doubt ourselves and become worried about the future. However, why worry about what we do not know about? And why worry at all when worrying does nothing to alleviate situations or change the way we feel?

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Discovering The “Self”

If we are in touch with our inner being and are connected to the universe we belong to, then self-confidence ensues. Similarly, when we are confident about who we are, then our perspective about life will change drastically. You will no longer need to struggle to attain focus but it will be a way of life, hence making everything possible for you to achieve.

Also, you will stop worrying and being stress and instead will have a positive mindset which will allow you to have a calm and objective point of view especially when faced it comes to making decisions, or when faced with challenges that bring you outside of your comfort zone.

Here is a list of some of the best books that have collated quotes about meditation which can encourage you as your take on the world, one day at a time:

1. Self-Meditation

This book of quotes by Barbara Ann Kipfer shows us the importance of meditating regularly. Meditation is more life-changing than we imagine. Once the mind is changed, so does everything else.

Be uplifted with sentence after sentence of this wonderfully written piece. Likewise, be motivated to do it on your own because you are empowered from within to do so.

2. Mindfulness Quotes

Find important principles and concepts about mindfulness and mindfulness meditation in Kenneth Mendel’s work. Being first, self-aware, and second, aware of your environment are key components in a life lived in positivity and happiness.

Included are some Buddhist teachings as well as instructions from the Dalai Lama himself that you can apply in practical daily life.

3. Warrior Quotes For Meditation

When we think meditation, we imagine serenity and peace. But very interestingly, J.H. Tepley shows us that being able to meditate allows us to be warriors able to battle the difficulties of life. We may not go into battle with sword and shield at hand, but the most powerful weaponry we have on the battlefield are none other than ourselves.

In addition to this, we are the most valuable piece of life’s puzzle. Each and every one of us fight through inner peace (as much as that sounds like an oxymoron) because the struggle is from within. Once we are able to conquer the mind, then shall we conquer everything else.

4. Daily Mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation and any other type of meditation for that matter should not be seen as a hobby you can do just when you feel like it. It should be a way of life. Familius provides us with a daily guide that will inspire us to continue being one with ourselves and with the world with the 365 quotes found in the amazing book.

5. Inspirational Buddhist Quotations

Hold your horses. In no way is author Oliver Kent telling you to convert to Buddhists. What this book has to offer are Buddhist quotations that will energize your body and spirit to live to the fullest. Meditation, if you look at its history, was influenced by Buddhism.

However, here, you will find only the greatest motivational quotations that are sure to recharge you and your mindset for the positive, day after day.

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