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When people hear the word “Spiritualism”, they tend to think of it as mysticism or superstition. Others relate it with religion or other similar practices.

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Spiritualism, in the context of yoga and meditation, is not at all a religious call for devotion. In the same way, it is not something too intangible that it is merely a figment of the imagination, that it isn’t real.

Inseparable: The Physical And The Spiritual Realms

Well, spiritualism is as real as can be and it will surprise you to know that it has practical applications you can use in daily life.

The spiritual realm is connected to the physical, as impossible as this might sound. Both realms are to be seen are parallel to each other, instead of two separate entities, simply because they work hand in hand.

Also, as a side note, whenever we use the word “realm”, we are merely talking about a state of existence. In addition to that, we would like to emphasize that these are not just “ideas” but are a reality. We have both physical and spiritual bodies, the first which is tangible, and the latter, the opposite.

Our physical bodies consist of what we can see and feel— skin, muscles, bones, etc., while the spiritual consists of the “life” that allow the physical body to live and breathe. Furthermore, it also is connected to the way we think and feel.

Benefits Of Spiritualism And Spiritualism Books

It’s not news that there are those who believe that spiritualism, being intangible, affects only the intangible as well (emotions, perceptions, etc.). We’d like to break down this idea and say with confidence that spiritualism and spirituality greatly influence the physical realm. As mentioned above, they work together and are intertwined with each other.

How? In practical spirituality, our souls or spirits (the energies that let us breathe and have life) allow our physical bodies to respond to stimulus, function well (or sometimes not well, if attacked by outer components such as bacteria and disease), and keep our bodies healthy (think nervous system, muscular system, you know basic science).

 To give you more insight about this controversial yet mind-blowing topic, here is a list of recommended books written about spiritualism:

1. Modern Spiritualism

Author Uriah Smith shares with us the fundamentals of Spiritualism and how they are not to be subjected only to tradition. In addition, he gives us a peek into why Spiritualism is relevant in our lives and why we should be concerned about it as much as we are concerned about the physical world.

2. The University Of Spiritualism

Presented here is a comprehensive study of different types of religion, politics, and sciences. Don’t be turned off just yet. Harry Boddington was able to extract the basics of what makes up the mention of the concept, specifically religion. That is if religion were to be taken out of the equation, what will remain is spiritualism, which everyone should be able to understand in order to be led to self-awareness.

3. The History Of Spiritualism

Here is an inquisitive perspective about spiritualism, and when and how it began. Arthur Conan Doyle provides us with objective insights regarding the spiritual realm, where and when did people start giving it attention, and why it exists.

4. The History Of Spiritualism, Volume I And II

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Renown author Arthur Conan Doyle, the mastermind behind the Sherlock series of books, has compiled his studies and cognizance with regards to Spiritualism and its history. Though he is more known as a writer of fiction, Doyle presents us with facts and real evidence of whence Spiritualism came to be.

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