3 Recommended Sleep Meditation Audio CDs


A Reminder Of What Sleep Means To The Body

We know how to sleep. That’s an understatement. Just like breathing, sleep is something natural to man and it comes to him even without having to tell his consciousness to do so. Sleeping is the one event in our bodily functions where the nervous system is practically dormant. But we should also acquaint ourselves with sleep meditation audio to assist us in counting sheep.

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At the same time, it is the one natural behavior that allows our body to rest and recharge, and get ready for another day of the hustle and grind.

Likewise, even a power nap is powerful enough (purposeful redundancy) to kickstart your body’s operations from within.

3 Recommended Sleep Meditation Audio CDs

Forgetting The Importance Of Sleep

However, despite the immense number of benefits we attain from it, we fail to give ourselves the proper amount of shut-eye nightly.

Still, we can turn things around. This isn’t the end of the season, just an episode, a chapter if you will, of our lives. Now that we are aware of the gravity of having the right amount of sleep, let’s level it up, bring it a notch higher so that we can achieve relaxation and self-awareness by coupling it with none other than meditation.

Is Sleep Meditation Real?

The answer? Yes, it is, and you can practice it in the very comfort of your own home.

Sleep meditation is being able to bring your consciousness into a state where it is fully relaxed, just as when you’re asleep, with the difference of you being fully aware of the things going on around you at the same time.

It is helpful to those who have insomnia or have restless nights due to stress. In addition to this, if you don’t experience these types of problems, it is still recommended that you practice sleep meditation and listen to sleep meditation audio so that you can be free of negative thoughts and of anxiety, both of which ultimately lead to living life with a low self-trust and awareness.

We’ve compiled a shortlist of audio CDs you can use to help get you started with sleep meditation:

1. The Sleep Learning System

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Hypnotist Joel Thielke has created a sleep meditation audio program that can assist you in training your mind and your body to let go of negativity, stay calm, and be able to focus at will.

2. A Sound And Restful Sleep

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It’s possible to achieve restful sleep. Because we often don’t put much importance in this bodily condition, sleep becomes part of a routine, instead of a helpful aid for true relaxation and regeneration.  Dr. Daniel J Nightingale gives us a compilation of effective tools for sleep meditation in this CD.

3. Yoga Nidra Meditation CD

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Getting to a level of deep sleep that allows for a centered and calm consciousness is something that most people haven’t even heard of. Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati, also known as Swami J, will help guide you to this otherworldly technique and state of mind.

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