4 Books About Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Beginners


Is Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Everyone?

For everyone who wishes to alleviate themselves of stress-caused muscle and tension or to prevent the same, the answer is yes. Progressive Muscle Relaxation is for everyone. The method used in progressive muscle relaxation (It’s like a tongue twister!) is non-theoretical. Similarly, it is immediately applicable to specific muscle groups you want to target.

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Why Try Progressive Muscle Relaxation

First of all, it’s risk-free! The technique of bringing focus to one area of your body, tensing it for a few seconds (but not to the point of feeling pain), and then releasing, has no cons to it. Think of it as an exercise for your muscles, only, instead of stressing them out, you’ll actually be relaxing them.

Because Progressive Muscle Relaxation is deemed as a form of therapy, one that doesn’t need the practitioner to have a license to, its effects also are far-reaching (though it may vary from one person to another).

If the body is calm, so will the mind be. Similarly, if the mind is at ease, so shall the body follow. Once you are able to remove tension from your muscles, signals will be sent to your brain to remove the stress originator from your thoughts. This will, as a result, help give you peace of mind as well.

Furthermore, it’s said that PMR can have psychological health benefits such as prevention from panic attacks, depression, and extreme anxiety.

Take a look at the top 3 CDs you can listen to while you practice the techniques PMR:

1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Hypnotherapy & Acoustic Guitar

This audio CD will assist you in keeping your mind calm and undistracted. Each instrumental track by Tom Diffenderfer will bring you to a relaxed state so that you will be able to focus as you prepare yourself for Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

2. Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Anxiety And Sleep

Diffenderfer is a favorite in this post. His compiled work of music and rhythm in this album will assist you in targeting specific areas you might be needing help with: anxiety and sleep.  As you train your muscles to tense and release during the process, his music will help soothe your thoughts so that you will be free of negativity and worry, and have restful nights.

3. Meditation Selsbstliebe

Feel and be at ease for an hour and 40 minutes with track after track of music that will enhance your method of PMR. Plus, even after ending your routine (because it will usually take a few minutes), you can continue playing the entire album to let positive energy flow in and through you as you listen.

4. The Soothing Pulse

You will find not only music for your ear and mind’s pleasure but a guided audio reading of Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This two for one CD will be a great addition to your collection. John M. Ortiz, P.h.D. was able to use different instruments that have the ability to send specific signals to our brains and heighten our capability to think clearly and wisely.

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