4 Books On Meditation For Beginners


There’s nothing wrong with being a noob in any craft or practice. Although it’s true that all things are no longer new under the sun, there are a plethora of experiences out there we have yet to challenge head-on.

If you’re reading this post, we assume that you’ve already heard about meditation and are looking to know more about it, and maybe even practice it yourself. You’ve done the right thing of actually doing something about it.

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Here is our post on Meditation For Beginners for your reading pleasure:

The Importance Of Meditation

Meditation is not some new age philosophy nor is it a branch of the mystic arts. It isn’t a religion and it does not call you to leave your beliefs (if you have any). We need to understand that meditation is a practice that will help you look within yourself and learn how to tackle the stresses of life in a positive approach. It will teach you to keep your cool in challenging situations and will help you increase your focus.

The breathing, posture and sitting techniques you will be taught as you meditate will work together to train your mind and body about achieving self-awareness, which in turn, will result in attaining inner peace and happiness.

Be guided by these books made simple by the best authors of meditation.

1. Meditation For Beginners

If you’re unsure about how to start practicing meditation and are unsure of how to include it in your lifestyle, Jack Kornfield Ph. D. has collated simple yet detailed instructions about meditation techniques.

Kornfield also provides an insider’s look specifically on Vipassana for you to have a better understanding of how you can practice it and relate it to your daily experiences.

2. Practical Meditation For Beginners

For one reason or another, some people believe that meditation is a concept that only expert yogi and teachers are able to do. Well, let us, along with Benjamin W Decker tell you that anybody can meditate. It’s a matter of will in affixing a time for you to do it daily, as well as determination in keeping it consistent.

You will find easy-to-follow instructions you can do even on your own, without any guide. Likewise, let this book teach you about the practical benefits you can get from practicing meditation.

3. Meditation For Beginners

Author Yesena Chevan provides you with amazing insight into the direct applications meditation can have in all of the situations you face in life. The pursuit of your goals and dreams can turn out to be successful when your mind is changed and is self-aware. This can be achieved by practicing the techniques of meditation. Furthermore, having a healthy mindset can overflow to your physical body by keeping your bodily functions running the right way. Amazing, isn’t it?

4. Meditation For Beginners: The Ultimate And Easy Guide

The problem we face about starting something lies in the question “how.” As beginners, how do we start meditating? How do we incorporate it into our day to day routine? Here, Michael Dinuri was able to condense a series of detailed instructions about getting into the habit of meditating. He has also included the real effects of meditation which are true inner peace and stress relief.

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