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The Real Score Behind Meditation

To meditate is not to hum while closing your eyes, the way others have stereotypically portrayed this sacred art. Likewise, that’s not to say humming is prohibited in meditation. In addition to this, to meditate has nothing to do with sitting with your legs bent inward and levitating. We have nothing to say about whether the latter is fact or fiction. That has nothing to do with this post.

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Meditation is the practice of clearing or emptying the mind, and being able to train it to be center on any object. By doing so, you are learning how to be focused and aware of your inner being and of your surroundings.

Can Anyone Meditate?

Of course. As they say, those who have a will, have a way. Sorry for the cliché but it’s true. Similarly, if you are a cup half empty type of person and are willing to be open minded enough to know about meditation, practice it, and experience its benefits, then you can definitely teach yourself to meditate.

If you’re a beginner and are starting from zero when it comes to meditation, fret not.

Here’s Our List Of Recommended Beginner’s Books On How To Meditate

1. Newbie’s Guide To Meditation

That first word says it all and is an open invitation to those who are starting out, wanting to be students of meditation. This book by Lauren Darges offers easy-to-follow steps that you can do wherever you are. It’s always best to go back to the basics. Delve in the foundation of why we should constantly live a life of mindfulness, and how we can achieve relaxation amidst stressful environments.

2. How To Start Meditating

Sometimes, it’s the “where do I begin” that hinders us from exploring new things. As you begin your journey of allowing your mind to be free of stress and anxiety, Glen Beckard gives us insight into the practical aspect of being able to meditate. In the same way, he writes about how meditation is not a religion, nor is it a cult. It is a set of techniques that will help bring you to a state of relaxation, especially during times when you find it hardest to.

3. Meditation For Beginners

Vern Lovic has written and compiled 22 easy steps you can follow on a daily basis, steps that will bring you to a state of clarity and calm. Learn how to meditate by following his simple one-two-three’s that you can easily follow even with your eyes closed!

4. An Ordinary Dude’s Guide To Meditation

We agree this is one hell of an amusing title. But don’t be fooled, author John Weiler has come up with instructions that anyone of any age will have no trouble understanding, and ultimately, following. He breaks down stereotypes about how to mediate and instead, tells us of the real benefits of meditation.

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