What Is Transcendental Meditation?


From The Root Word “Transcendence”

Transcendence, according to its dictionary definition, is an experience that goes beyond the physical dimension. It is believed to be a superior state when the mind is able to think beyond the material universe.

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“Limitless” is the word to grasp when it comes to Transcendence. Likewise, we must understand that the physical realm and its laws can be surpassed and that by surpassing them, we can achieve true fulfillment and peace.

What Is Transcendental Meditation?

Most of the things of this world tempt us to rely on them for happiness so that when they are taken away, we find ourselves being filled with anxiety, trying to depend on these tangible things that do not hold lasting contentment.

Benefits Of Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation will allow your mind to be in a calm and wise condition. Yes, wise. With this type of meditation, you will be training yourself to think beyond challenges and situations with a clear perspective, and thus, make wise and effective decisions.

On the other hand, through Transcendental Meditation, we also will be able to understand that inner peace is found beyond within ourselves, and beyond a dimension that the naked eye can see.

How To Practice Transcendental Meditation

1. Use A “Mantra”

A mantra is a word, a phrase, or sentence that one repeats and is extremely helpful in bringing oneself to a higher level of concentration.

There’s no magic here. Just repetition and your full attention as you repeat the mantra.

2. Start By Sitting

Sit on the floor or on a chair and in a space where you will not be easily distracted. Once positioned comfortably, rest your hands on your lap. There should be no tension in either of your arms as well as on your back and shoulders.

Look straight ahead of you and imagine that there is a dot that you are aiming for, much like a dartboard. Center on this and let your senses leave behind the environment you’re in. Forget about the walls of your room, the ceiling, the pieces of furniture around you.

3. Close Your Eyes And Breathe

While your eyes are closed, inhale deeply through your nostrils. Take notice of how you breathe. Feel the air going up your nose and down to your lungs, and out again as you exhale. Do this repeatedly for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Now comes the use of your mantra. If you don’t have a clue about this, try to search online or ask a yogi about what word to use (usually Sanskrit, so it isn’t just some random word). To follow, allow your mind to say the mantra over and over again.

If you find yourself straying from the mantra and away from your “center”, just pull yourself back in and focus on your mantra. Imagine as though the ends of your fingers and toes are slowly being lifted so that you feel light and weightless.

4. Open Your Eyes. Realign Yourself With The World

Repeat the technique from the beginning. The TM Technique, as it’s also known, is one that is life-changing so be certain to practice it with patience and consistency until you are able to master it.

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