What We Need To Know About Spiritualism


What Spiritualism Is Not

Most people think that spiritualism is about being connected to a certain religion and following that specific religion’s teachings. If you go online, a lot of the websites and posts you’ll see describe it so, that’ spiritualism is being devout to religious beliefs and practices.

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However, we believe that this is not the case. Spiritualism is a human aspect that we can get in touch with whether we believe in god, gods, or other “deities” written by worshippers of said deities.

What We Need To Know About Spiritualism
What We Need To Know About Spiritualism

What Spiritualism Really Is And How We Can Understand It

Spiritualism is the act and practice of self-awareness through cultivating growth for our spiritual being. Every person has a soul or spirit that allows him or her to live. Being able to live and putting our attention on the energy on that spiritual dimension responsible for keeping or letting go of that life, wielding that energy to help us find ourselves from within and harness that power to form in us a mindset and character that is bent on making you a better you… this is spiritualism.

Spiritualism is the act and practice of self-awareness through cultivating growth for our spiritual being.

What To Do With Spiritualism

Our feelings or emotions, the way we think, and how we live, these all belong have ties to the spiritual aspect of who we are. Similarly, these are where it all begins. Our understanding of spiritualism will help us have a  sense of why we do things the way we do or think the way we think. Also, we will be able to slowly know why we have certain belief systems and characteristics that make up our mindset in terms of how we look at and treat our lives.

How We Can Improve Our Spiritualism

1. Pray

This might sound like we’re leaning into the religious stereotypes the word “pray” might be linked to, but trust us, what we mean is far from that. If you don’t believe in deities, let your prayers be focused on life and the universe around you that helps sustain that life. There are higher more powerful energies that we cannot fully comprehend and it is the very energy that sustains life in you and in the environment around you.

2. Meditate Regularly

Okay, we’re probably already sounding like a broken record, having to ask you to meditate, meditate, meditate. However, this really is one of the ways that allow our minds to reach into its depths that are beyond what is physical.

3. Be Positive And Express That Positivity

Being positive comes when the mind is clear, hence the reason why the suggestion to meditate comes before this. Expressing that positivity is another thing. It refers to letting that positive energy flow from yourself towards your work and your relationships. Don’t keep it within you. Express it and express it daily.

It might not feel so organic at first because you will be telling yourself to act in a way you might not be used to. But don’t despair. By regularly praying, meditating and being positive, it will be but natural for these three to work together and be reflected towards those around you.

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