How To Add Zen To Your Car


Zen Everywhere

Unlike other meditation practices, the core of Zen meditation can be applied to our surroundings so that we will be able to attract that energy into ourselves. Zen, being the intangible force that it is, is something that we can actually control and wield into a controlled environment.

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Although being outdoors and out in nature is a very effective way of letting yourself journey easily towards Zen, it might be difficult for some of us to have that kind of ease of access to these kinds of places, especially if we live in the heart of metropolis.

Similarly, there are those of us who do not have the luxury of time to take out of our busy daily routine and spend a retreat in a cut-away-from-the-city kind of place.

Zen Meditation

Zen Meditation brings your mind and inner being to a kind of stillness, a quiet, and a peace that will not be easily shaken by distractions such as worries and anxiety. Once one has reached Zen, this is means that he or she is still “from within”. And that’s what we should all be aiming for. Not to look for stillness in a world that is bustling with busy people.

Take Zen With You: Zen In Your Car

Is it possible to Zen up your car? Yes, it is! Any vehicle, for that matter. Since traffic is one of the stressors we face day after day, it makes sense to let it be a source of calm instead of the opposite.

During times when we’re getting stuck in traffic, rushing through the streets because we’re running late for an appointment, wanting to just get home but have to drive and are feeling tired, these stressors pile up in our subconscious, most often than not, without us knowing. Furthermore, they become the instigator of our anxiety and negativity.

Not only that, these negative vibes linger in our vehicle and bring our subconscious back to the stress we feel during said moments.

How To Add Zen To Your Car

1. Unclutter.

That’s right. Clean up and organize. Get rid of the food wrapper under the car seat that has been sitting there since last week. Throw away that empty Evian water bottle that you bought 3 days ago. Empty your car of items that you don’t use whenever you’re in transit, or items that you just don’t use at all.

It’s also a good habit to have your car washed regularly so it’s clean from the inside out. An uncluttered space leads to an uncluttered mind.

2. Hit That Car Freshener.

There’s no specific kind of scent that will make your car “Zen.” Also, if your vehicle doesn’t need it (like maybe, it still has that new car smell or that you take really good care of it, there are no unwanted odors), then you can skip this. But if you’d like to use a car freshener to add to the Zen effect, then make sure to use only scents that are light in fragrance. Not overbearing.

Having a good smelling car interior helps ready your mind to be at peace by sending signals from your nose to your brain to let it relax.

3. Hang A Charm.

We’re not telling you to go voodoo here. Hang something that usually brightens your day such as a flower (synthetic, most likely), a cute sticker, a dashboard décor, etc. Similarly, we suggest that you use small print outs of meditation quotes (hit the button and check out our link of daily quotes you can have for personal use). These will act as reminders that while you’ve already done the part of making your car Zen, you should continue to let your mind be Zen as well.

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