Why You Should Start Practicing Yoga Today


Do you feel stressed out or overworked these days? And, your once favorite hobbies are the things of the past? Don’t you feel happy anymore? Well, for all those not-so-happy phases, there’s only one answer- Yoga. With origins stretching back thousands of years in India, Yoga is still revered as a practice that helps you achieve a more positive outlook on life, attain peace and serenity. 

Now, when the question is why Yoga is the need of the hour, we need to probe a little deeper and find out the benefits it begets. 

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Yoga: The Potion Of Healthy Living

1. Helps Fighting With Depression: Practicing Yoga regularly enables you to ward off negative thoughts. You can deal with depression, sadness, and melancholy. Today’s hectic lifestyle takes a toll on our existence. Our craving for more leaves us psychologically challenged, and the result is acute depression. Yoga, however, heals you from within, leaving a positive impact on your mind, body, and soul.

2. Aids In Stress Relief: The so-called civilized existence propels us in never-ending stress and anxiety. Hardly, you will know when you are sinking in darkness. Every second person you come across nowadays is either overstressed or suffering from anxiety. Practicing Yoga can be of real help in dealing with stress. It relaxes your sore nerves by lowering the secretion levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Also, it improves blood pressure and immunity.

3. Ensures Better Sleep: Yoga gets you the benefits of physical activity along with mental relaxation. The result is better sleeping with reduced stress levels. Experimental studies reveal how Yoga is beneficial for people struggling with insomnia. Performing the right kind of Yoga improves the quantity and quality of sleep within a short period. 

4. Reduces Chronic Pains: People with chronic conditions can find Yoga helpful. Since Yoga has a holistic effect, it leaves a positive effect on every part of your body, including your joints. No wonder it reduces your chronic pain. It’s also helpful for people dealing with the painful phases of cancer, multiple sclerosis, back pain, osteoporosis, and so on.

5. Helps In Full-fledged Detoxification: Yogic breathing helps in activating different chakras of the body. It results in the complete detoxification. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali defines that “Yoga is calming” and emanates peace, thus detoxifying your body and soul at the same time.  

Types Of Yoga And Their Utility

When it comes to analyzing the effects of yoga on your body, we must talk about three different types of Yoga- Hot Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga.

Hot Yoga

 When we talk about yogic healing, we just can’t afford to miss out on hot yoga techniques. It has a holistic impact, which results in stress reduction, and improving strength and flexibility. As the name suggests, it turns the heat up in your body and further spreads it out in your lungs, heart, and muscles. It gains your body enough strength for a more intense workout.

The biggest advantage of performing Hot yoga or Bikram Yoga is weight loss. Due to the increasing temperature it burns calories and loosens deposited fat in the human body. Performing it daily acts upon that fat, and helps in losing weight.

Hatha Yoga

One of the most popular branch of yoga, Hatha Yoga refers to “forceful” exercises. In Sanskrit, it is also known as “being obstinate”. The core objective of this yoga is self-transformation. Performing this asana on a regular basis will result in the optimum calmness of your agonized spirit. It builds your strength and increases bone density and promotes a healthy heart.

Performing Hatha yoga eliminates stress, which is one of the key reasons behind skin problems like, premature wrinkling, breakouts, loss of elasticity, and dull looks. It promotes blood flow and thus results in healthy and glowing skin. Hatha Yoga also supports the lymphatic system, thus reducing the chances of infection and diseases.

Kundalini Yoga

Various science-backed theories have linked kundalini yoga with brainpower and intellect. And, it indeed makes sense. Also, it strengthens your nervous system, thus preparing you to face challenges as it comes. Practicing kundalini yoga on a regular basis aids in improving willpower and creativity. People practicing this form of yoga are likely to become forgiving, compassionate and nonjudgmental. Also, it develops a sheer intuitive sense.

The Final Takeaway

The sole purpose of Yoga is to awaken your inner sense and help you come out of negativity, pessimism, and anxiety. Yoga offers a holistic benefit to mind, body, and spirit, thus helping you embrace the better sides of life.

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