Yoga For Kids: How Can It Be Beneficial?


Did you know that just like adults kids also undergo stress? They have to cope up with so many things like school, a daily dose of homework, excelling in activities like sports in school, and the stiff competition that they have to put up with to score grades. All this puts a lot of stress on the children and just like us adults they too need to relax. And for their relaxation, the best activity would be Yoga.

Yoga For Kids: How Can It Be Beneficial?
Yoga For Kids: How Can It Be Beneficial?
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Why Yoga For Kids Is Good?

Yoga For Kids: How Can It Be Beneficial?
Yoga For Kids: How Can It Be Beneficial?

Yoga for kids is an excellent tool which helps become more aware of their body giving them total self control. Their sense of coordination increases and greater flexibility of limbs is experienced. Yoga is the best way that they will learn to cope with their daily work schedule with total ease. Children who have taken up yoga have been known to perform better at school and also excel in their co-curricular activities.

Many children who are hyper active have been greatly benefited from doing yoga as their hyper activity gets toned down. Some kids are always fidgety and unable to keep their attention focused on any one thing for long and teaching such kids yoga has made a marked improvement on them by helping them to shine. These days children need lots of external stimuli in the form of movement so as to help them blossom. Children are full of impulsive behavior and yoga helps to channel it effectively.

The Postures For Kids

There are many yoga postures which will benefit kids but the warrior pose and the tree pose work well on kids. Doing these poses helps them to calm down, build confidence and maintain balance. Kids will enjoy doing their poses once they are encouraged to imagine that they become the very poses they are doing. The right way is to get them to become very poses that they doing. Take for instance the warrior pose. Teach them to imagine that they are the warriors and what warriors symbolize like strength and confidence. So when the kids perform the warrior pose they imagine themselves as warriors who exhibit characteristics like being strong and confident.

Kids learn the art of team spirit and trust when they learn yoga with other kids. Most kids are unable to keep their eyes closed and focus on their poses. To help them focus to get them to visualize. They can also be taught deep breathing and through listening to music. 
Ask them to think of their favorite place at home or imagine themselves floating in the air or playing at the beach or any activity they like.

Older boys can also be asked to think of their girlfriends in order to relax but this normally does not work as the kids tend to become shy when subjects like these are brought up. After each yoga session, kids should be encouraged to share their experiences with other group members. They can be asked to describe how they felt and what they actually visualized.

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