Yoga for Kids: Calming and Child-Friendly Poses


Applying breathing techniques will help us in our daily lives to know how to channel our energy, decrease our tension and relieve anxiety. Breathing in yoga is one of the fundamental aspects of both physicals practice (hatha yoga) and mental practice (Raja Yoga). Pranayama or breath meditation is one of the main aspects if you want to learn to meditate.

Yoga For Kids: Learn To Relax
Yoga For Kids: Learn To Relax
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What Is It For Breathing?

Let’s avoid the obvious answer. We all know that breathing is basic to live, but also, breathing has many other functions, and not only physically, but mentally.

Breathing, in addition to being our life support, fulfills many other functions:

  • It is essential to create metabolic H2O.
  • It eliminates toxins from our body and purifies the bloodstream. It is key to the aging of our bodies.
  • It helps fat burning.
  • Oxygenates the blood.
  • Activate the muscles of our body.
  • It helps with blood circulation.
  • It is key in concentration, attention, and memory. The brain is the organ that needs more oxygen. When we do not breathe correctly the brain is the first injured.
  • Breathing perfectly produces relaxation of the body and mind.

Breathing Is Directly Associated With Our Emotions And Brain Activity:

Have you noticed how you breathe when you are afraid? And when you are anxious? How do you breathe when you get angry? And when you sleep?

Our moods and breathing are closely related.

  • So can our mental state and our emotions be transformed by breathing?

– Yes, and this is something we are going to talk about throughout this article about breathing techniques, so it is one of the key aspects when learning to meditate and we will learn how useful is Yoga For kids.

Yoga For Kids: Learn To Relax
Yoga For Kids: Learn To Relax

What Is The Golden Rule Of Good Breathing?

  • The most important aspect to perform a correct breath is this: it is always inspired and exhaled through the nose.
  • It is a bad habit to breathe through the mouth, however, it is something we do very frequently.
  • Breath meditation should not be done only when we do sports or meditation. We must try to get in the habit of breathing well at any time.
  • The nose has mechanisms that the mouth does not have. The nose is prepared to avoid impurities (dust, insects, harmful substances) and heat the air that enters our lungs. If we breathe through our mouth we are unprotected.

For kids who do yoga, breathing through the nose also has a very important meaning since prana or energy is obtained through this type of breathing.

The full breath meditation to perform while practicing Yoga. This meditation is included in Yoga for Kids also, so they can practice this without any fear.

Before talking about the different breathing techniques you have to know the types of breathing that exist and how to complete yogic breathing is performed.

  1. Abdominal breathing or Diaphragmatic: it is the most natural type of breathing. Our belly is the one that swells and deflates in each inhalation and exhalation. This type of breathing produces many benefits: it completely purifies the lungs, distends the solar plexus and reduces tension and anxiety, increases our energy …
  2. Chest breathing: it is the type of breathing we usually perform when we practice cardiovascular exercise. It consists of inspiring swelling of the rib cage. Don’t confuse yourself with this breathing as deep breathing.
  3. Clavicular breathing: consists of breathing with the upper area of ​​the lungs. When performing this exercise you will appreciate how the abdomen goes inwards. You will notice the feeling of needing more air and taking faster breaths.

How Yoga For Kids Is Beneficial

By breathing meditation all kinds of distractions are eliminated, which will keep their mind calm. As a result, they will get an incredible feeling of relaxation and inner peace. With this they will achieve that their stress and anxiety are greatly reduced, refreshing their mind. Thanks to this exercise they will be able to think clearly and apply the logic on issues that you would never have been able to do before.

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