Your Easy Guide To The 7 Types Of Meditation


Why Know The Types Of Meditation

Aside from educating ourselves about the many other branches of meditation so that we can understand it more, knowing it different types of meditation can give us a perspective on which ones might suit us best.

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You can try each and every one of them, no problem with that. So long as you are practicing them correctly and sincerely, meditation doesn’t choose people. It can be practiced by anyone.

Your Easy Guide To The 7 Types Of Meditation

In this post, we will be focusing only on the 8 major types of meditation. There are actually a lot more, what with the many teachers and yogi who’ve studied the art itself and have evolved it into what it is today.

The 7 Types Of Meditation

1. Mindfulness Meditation

We’ve written a more in-depth piece regarding Mindfulness Meditation right here, just click on the link. Mindfulness Meditation is learning about awareness. It starts from ourselves or being self-aware and overflows towards our surrounds which is being aware of our environment. Similarly, mindfulness meditation is being aware only of the present. It teaches our minds to let go of the past and of our worries of the future.

2. Body Scan or Progressive Relaxation

This type of meditation allows a person to find pressure or stress points in their bodies that are causing tension or pressure. At the same time, practitioners of this type of meditation start with the very edge of their bodies like their toes or fingers and “scan” their bodies for said points. Once they’ve been identified, focus is put on these areas to help soothe and calm them down

3. Guided Meditation

Here, practitioners are led into a meditative state through a “guide” or an instructor, hence the term Guided Meditation. The guide could be an actual teacher in a class or even a recording (audio CD) that you can follow in the comfort of your own space.

4. Transcendental Meditation

There usually is a mantra or a specific one that is chanted over and over again in Transcendental Meditation. The purpose for this is to allow the mind to focus on that word and in turn, assist us in achieving a calm and relaxed state without feeling like we’re putting the effort in. Likewise, this is done with the eyes closed while chanting the mantra.

5. Loving Kindness Meditation

We know what you’re thinking. This sounds like the title of a Care Bears episode. Loving Kindness Meditation evokes love for yourself and for others. By repeating the phrases “May I be happy, may I be well, may I be safe and may I be peaceful and at ease”, you will be filling your inner being with such positivity, you will attract positivity into your life.

Likewise, after repetitions of the chant, change the word “I” into “you” and say the lines while thinking of your loved ones to channel that same positivity towards them.

6. Gazing Meditation

By the word “gazing” itself, while seated comfortably, gaze at one object in front of you. Try to stare at it comfortably without blinking. After a few minutes, close your eyes and keep the after image with you, still gazing at it with ease. Furthermore, let minutes pass by and open your eyes. Start again.

7. Breath Awareness Meditation

In this type of mindfulness meditation, you will learn how to ignore thoughts that harm you: negativity and anxiety. Be focused as you draw your attention into the way you breathe. In the same way, notice how you inhale oxygen, fill your lungs with it, and exhale. Do this repeatedly.

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